5 things you can look forward to in Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Black Panther has just hit the screens and it’s already causing quite the commotion! The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely delivers with its high-intensity action, an innovative story, and gorgeous visuals. Many are calling it one of the best–if not the best–Marvel movies released! While we’re all lining up and eager to hold our popcorn tumblers close to us, here are 5 things you can look forward to in Black Panther!

5. Arresting imagery and visuals


Wakanda explodes in colors, all vibrant and bright, characterizing the entire nation as one that holds fast to tradition while embracing progress. The gorgeous sweep of the afrofuturistic cityscape, as well as a Lion King-esque oasis, don’t just make the movie look beautiful, but also add dimension to Wakanda and its citizens as people who prize their history all while moving forward.

The marriage of the spiritual with the scientific in this nation is beautifully rendered. We tend to polarize science and spirituality, but Wakanda is the perfect balance of both. They rely on rituals, and emotional-spiritual practices, conversing with ancestors and transporting themselves to worlds we might see as in between our world and the world of those who have passed all while creating and showing off shiny new technology. Black Panther achieves this seamlessly and it all comes together with how it is presented visually.

4. Action–lots of it!

Marvel continues to up its game with combining technology and battles in Black Panther. A nation almost entirely dependent on its surplus of vibranium, Wakanda has leveled up in terms of inventions. Innovative weapons and crafty armor are ahead and we enjoyed how creative and novel they all were! They were definitely breaths of fresh air from what we’ve already seen with other superhero films.

Another aspect is the fight scenes. While it has less hand-to-hand combat than other Marvel films, Black Panther shows off with intense chase sequences and tension build-up. It makes clever use of all its new weapons and just seeing them being used by our heroes is exciting.

3. Fantastic storytelling

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Black Panther hits the nail on the head with a great balance of drama and comedy. This film takes on the challenge of its serious plot and still takes risks with its lighthearted moments, further rounding it out. While the narrative it unfolds can be considered quite severe and one that tackles several hard-hitting issues, it makes sure to be solemn when it must and then change the pace with a joke.

The writing and dialogue are great, too.

Each character is believable in terms of their motivations, all of them anchored on their own personal definition of what the good is, of what they must do for Wakanda and for those outside it. Instead of poorly-hinged intent motivating a character to spring into action, each character has a believable motive and moves with purpose. Stakes are high for everyone involved, spurring them into carrying out their actions. The politics feel very real here and you can sympathize with almost everyone who has a say in what Wakanda should or shouldn’t do.

2. A wardrobe upgrade

Looking good, King T’Challa! This upgrade wasn’t something we knew we needed until we saw it, its new additions making an already cool get-up look even cooler. One would think that there’s not much one can do costume-wise with a character named “Black Panther” aside from a black suit with pointed ears at the top but we’ve been proven wrong!

Not only is it aesthetically a little cooler than the last, it’s also got some cool new additions. Those purple lines glowing on him mean something (although, they’re not that good for camouflage!) pretty cool and we can’t wait for you to find out what they do!

1. Phenomenal acting

Chadwick Boseman proves to us again just how flexible he is in terms of characters. He plays a wonderful King T’Challa, a man conflicted about how he must run a nation that had once been in the hands of his father. He wonders what would be best for Wakanda and searches for that answer alongside attempting to protect and safeguard all Wakandans.

The Black Panther is meant to protect those of Wakanda wherever they may be–Boseman’s T’Challa explores this. This is what sets things into motion in terms of how the king encounters his enemy and how they butt heads. T’Challa is a convincing leader, one burdened with the purpose of caring for an entire nation–and then some. He plays a leader inspired by his people but still grounded enough to think for himself. Boseman is a phenomenal actor, able to communicate desperation as well as pride in his character’s flag.

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Black Panther has surpassed all expectations. It left me with my jaw hanging open, some popcorn on the ground out of amazement. For all the 2 hours and 15 minutes, I was engaged from start to finish. I saw stars in my eyes, even as I watched the credits roll (and I anticipated post-credits scenes–hint: there are two!).

We invite you to catch Marvel’s Black Panther! It’s thrilling, funny, and spectacular–all at the same time.

Are you excited to watch Black Panther? Let us know!