5 Things We Learned about Andy Grammer After Watching His Manila Concert

Words by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga/ Photos by: Gia Allana Soriano

So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger… named Andy Grammer.

American singer-songwriter Andy Grammer flew to Manila for a one-night concert held at the Music Museum last June 7, 2018.You may know him through his hits “Keep your Head Up”, “Fine by Me”, and “Fresh Eyes”.

After witnessing him perform live and up-close, we learned about how great of a human being he truly is, and now, we just love him even more!

5 Things We Learned about Andy Grammer After Watching His Manila Concert

5. His vocals are more impressive live.

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It’s different when you hear him in the flesh. His powerful vocal range is one that will give you goosebumps all over. His passion and creativity resonate in every note.

4. His music is a good endorphin booster.


When you’re having a bad day, putting on an Andy Grammer playlist proves to be a great pick-me-up. His feel-good tune and inspiring lyrics can truly boost dampened spirits!

3. He is a big ball of talent.


Not only does he sing outstandingly; he plays the trumpet, the guitar, and the piano, as well. Oh, and he does spoken word poetry, too! #howtobeyouAndy

2. He is a family man.


He tugged at the audience’s heartstrings when he told us how much he adores his months-old baby daughter and how his music was greatly influenced by the passing of his mother when he was 25.

He comes from humble beginnings.

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He shared how he started off playing on the streets of Los Angeles hoping people would stop and notice his music. Well, that night here in Manila, he nailed his concert at the other side of the world. Keep inspiring us, Andy!