5 Things to Watch out for at RE-STORE Pop-Up Shop


It’s happening this weekend!

RE-STORE by Clover Hartly is a curated pop-up shop bringing together hearts and brands. It is an avenue where local brands and shoppers can pay it forward in a cool and fun way. We carry items that companies pledged, storing them again & giving them a new life, hence RE-STORE. Each purchase affects lives beyond yours. 100% of the net proceeds go to a cause you strongly believe in.

#5 Locally Made Stationery & Artsy Magazines

There’s something magical about having beautiful stationery and delightful magazines. They brighten up a dull workspace and give you the much-needed dose of inspiration to keep going.

Things to look for: Notebooks from Paper St. // Bombay Ink from Craft Carrot // Bookmarks from Bookbed // Frankie Magazine and Anthropology from Heima // Book of 40 from Kat Lim

#4 Heima Furniture at a discount

If you’re looking for a colorful upgrade to bring summer in your home, look no further. Everything’s a steal at 20% off!

Things to look for: OHBD Amelie Settee and Veronica Wine Cabinet both from Heima

#3 Millennial-led NGOs

Most of the beneficiaries are led by passionate millennials who are creating change at such a young age:

  • MovEd led by Alex Duque for Children & Education

#2 Products that promote Sustainable Consumerism

We’re talking about Zero waste by growing food in your home, Natural, vegan and cruelty-free soaps, locally sourced and Filipino-inspired clothes, Home decor & jewelry made from natural materials.

Things to look for: Chives Growkit from MNL Growkits // Bag from Piopio // Soaps from The Bath House // Necklace from

#1 Transparency Report

One of the things the organizer feels strongly about is transparency. Inventory and sales will be tracked using a POS system. The cause you choose to support will be also tagged upon purchase using the same software. A roundup of the sales and disbursements will be uploaded after the pop-up. NGOs will also be accountable for funds they receive.

Insider tip: You need a QR code to enter RE-STORE. Registration is required so that it would be easy to tag and track purchases and donations. Skip the queue at the registration booth by signing up here.

All the details:
When: April 30, 2017, Sunday

Where: Mini Deck, Circuit Lane (Mall)
How much: Free

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