5 Things to Quit After Elections

This year’s election is probably the most dreadful and “noisiest” event I’ve ever experienced in social media. I must admit, I’ve partially contributed to the “noise” part.

I’ve posted videos; explained my side with my novel-like posts on Facebook;  and had rolled eyes on friends who were rooting otherwise.

But, honestly, those moments were miserable. I got irritated easily.

I became a negative person to some.

But, I stopped. Because it’s NOT me.

Adding ‘fuel to the fire defeats’ the purpose of being a positive person I want to be.

So, since the day has finally come – the day where people unite by silently and respectfully casting their votes for the next leaders to help flourish our beloved nation, allow me to share some positivity notes.

Help me eradicate the hate and spread love instead: (Inspired by Power of Positivity)

5 Things to Quit During and After Elections

1. Sharing articles (that are old and just recently established), memes, thought-provoking posts of someone you thought made sense, and indirectly bash the candidates.

2. Fearing change – Change is the only constant in life. Whoever wins, accept the person wholeheartedly and respectfully. Acceptance is the key.

3. Judging the candidate based on their past experiences – Everyone farts. You have your own flaws, too. Don’t judge.

4. Blaming others for being irresponsible – Not your duty. At all.

5. Overthinking – we already asked too much. Let the universe decide. Lift it up to Him. Trust him and have a steadfast faith.

Allow me to add number 6.

6. Stop UNFRIENDING! – Respect each other’s opinion. If you really cannot accept what your Facebook friend is saying, adjust the settings: you can unfollow and hide posts from the person.

Lastly, please QUIT using the following words:

– ‘Abnoy’ – a coined Filipino term for “abnormal”
– Mongoloid

Stop using the word “Dutertards” or “abNoy.” Simply because the root words are hurtful and deceitful.

You are killing and hurting a lot of mentally challenged children and people with (dis)abilities.

Robert Lewis Down Syndrome1

INSPIRING: Watch How High School Student with Down Syndrome Wins Basketball Game #Inclusion

I know some of them.

I have a brother like them.

And I love them.

Truthfully, they are the most capable people I have ever met.

So, what are the things you are willing to quit after elections?