5 Things You Should Add to Every Vacation Checklist

Article by Trisha So

Packing for a trip may be an overwhelming task to some – there are just so many things to take into account. Everyone wants to feel at home even when they are far away; but instead of bringing all of your things with you, it is best to draw the line between comfort and practicality instead. With that said, we have narrowed down the following list of 5 vacation essentials.

5 Things You Should Add to Every Vacation Checklist

5. Good reading material

Books are physically heavy, but definitely not spiritually. A good book is all you really need during idle time or while in transit. To read is the beginning of disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the streets and sounds of the city; and to be honest, it only really gets better from there.

4. Sunblock

Everybody wants to go on vacation, but not everyone thinks about their safety while on vacation. The use of sunblock is one of the few safety precautions you can really control while you are away.

Sunblock provides protection against the unhealthy effects of exposure to UV rays, which can cause something as simple as sunburns or as severe as skin cancer. There’s not much more needed to justify why this is a vacation essential.

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3. A caretaker

Though this isn’t something that you can bring on vacation with you, the serenity of knowing you are prepared for certain situations is. This is usually overlooked, and as you inch toward vacation, this task becomes a stressful problem that is all too real.

Suddenly, everyone is too busy to care for a simple succulent or a puppy.

Adding this to your vacation checklist will leave you with stress-free nights – trust me.

2.Writing material

Most people document amazing memories by clicking and posting. However, you shouldn’t knock the power of pen and paper. Journal entries can serve as the best reminders for all of the good that you experience in life. It’s absolutely no sweat, too! All you have to do is to bring out a pen and a notebook; tune yourself into whatever you’re feeling; and write, scribble or doodle away. With a journal in hand, it is possible both live in the now and save the memories for later.

1. A killer playlist

Whether to serve as background music for a joyous road trip or a romantic weekend getaway, a playlist is crucial to building the perfect atmosphere for any vacation. Blast out your golden collection of tunes on JBL’s waterproof speakers – our current favorite.


Complete this list, and any getaway is good to go. No need to worry about the thin line between comfort and practicality, because everything will be covered this way – and the greatest is yet to come.