5 Things Only “Tomboys” Would Understand


5. Dresses, skirts and heels are a mystery to you. Why anyone would want to subject themselves to painful feet after a day walking in heels, and wear clothes that would restrict your movement is beyond your understanding. I want to slouch and not mind how tightly I have to put my legs together while wearing a skirt. Jeans and sneakers all the way!

4. Similarly, when you do don the occasional dress, everyone will tease you with “Yeeees, naman!” wherever you go.

3. You’re one of the boys and it’s fine… until your guy friends casually mention that they forget you’re a girl. Hence, “undate-able”.

2. If you had a peso for every time someone asked if you were a lesbian, you’d be rich by now. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian, but being boyish and a lesbian are not mutually exclusive.

1. Your parents still think this is a phase — even if it’s been 23 years already.

Thoughts on this? Tag someone who can relate!!


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