5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating from College

Written by Julia Antique / Photos by Jeanne Dizon

“How can someone so busy be so relaxed?” that was my first thought when I met Sky Gavin. It amazes me how she always seems so cool, calm and collected despite having a very busy schedule. But what puts me in total awe is her industrious resume and previous work experiences. Currently, she is When In Manila’s very own Chief Operating Officer. But before that, she had already landed multiple positions in different well-known companies.

Sky Gavin When in Manila

Sky Gavin, When In Manila’s current COO

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She started out as a celebrity stylist and from then on started working for GMA Network. She became a Production Head, a PR officer, and a business news writer. She was also a writer for a tech magazine and has written for the Manila Bulletin, as well. Sky has also held multiple PR positions (in Solar Television Network Inc. and One Mega Group Inc.), all at the ripe age of 26.


Sky’s workshop with the Batch 3 WIMterns 

You’re probably wondering: how did she do it? Here are Sky’s 5 key pieces of advice on things she wished she knew before graduating from college:

5. Seenzoning is only for undergrads.

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Communicating with others isn’t easy for everyone, but we have to try because it’s the only way we can build trust. That’s also how the people around you measure your dedication to your job. Simple things like replying to messages, answering calls or being honest with co-workers when making mistakes show how committed you are to the work at hand and can help build rapport with others.

4. Less effort can lead to better results.

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It’s important to save money, but remember to save your time and energy, too. Although working hard is good, working smart is even better. Working smart entails finding the most efficient way to do a task without overworking yourself or wasting time. Working hard may not be the wisest thing to do when you’re faced with multiple projects and deadlines. Besides, when you think about it: why would you put so much effort on a task that can be done easily?

3. At the end of the day, it’s just a job.

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It’s very hard to live life while having grudges against people. We live in such a small world that it’s almost impossible not to encounter the person you hate, especially when we’re constantly on social media. This doesn’t change after graduation: you’re going to encounter a lot of people who will annoy you or people that you don’t necessarily get along with.

Misunderstandings are unavoidable and it’s going to be hard not to dislike some of your co-workers. As such, you might as well try to understand their feelings and where they’re coming from because you can’t control them and they aren’t going to change for you. Anyway, at the end of the day, it’s just a job and it serves to pay your bills.

2. A good time can mean a long time.

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When we were kids, our parents would ask us what we wanted to be when we grow up. As students, they always ask us when we will graduate. And when we do graduate, they ask us where we would like to work. It’s like they’re always thinking ahead and they always try to rush us. This is not only true for our parents, but also for ourselves, especially in college.

Everyone’s in a hurry to graduate but when we finally graduate, we have some regrets. We realize that we still want to learn a couple of things. Take your time and do as much as you can as an undergrad. After all, the university experience is once in a lifetime, but work life is forever.

1. It’s okay to put yourself first.

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An important skill that you need to learn once you become a professional is how to turn off “work mode” when you get home. People that don’t know how to do this bring their work home and tend to start fights with others because they are still stressed from the day’s events. Although life can be tiring, it’s very important to get your rest. Sometimes, a lack of sleep or exhaustion can affect the quality of your output and cause you to submit sub par work. Taking a break can also help clear your mind and improve your mood.

And nope, scrolling on Twitter or checking your social media accounts and other online activities do not count as rest. Maybe you wouldn’t be so tired all the time if you just put your phone down and took a breather.


When she’s not traveling or covering events around the country, Sky can be found at the beach rocking the cutest bikinis.

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