5 Things I Learned When I Left My Corporate Job To Pursue My Passion

Many people constantly think about pursuing their passion and quitting their corporate jobs. Some totally stop working full-time and start traveling the world while others prefer to be a digital nomad who enjoys doing their passion while working at their own comfort.

A few months ago, I left my corporate job and became a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad means working remotely, being location independent, using technology to do their job. Here are the things I learned after leaving my job to pursue my passion.

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5. You have to prepare yourself financially.

Believe me, it won’t be easy at first especially when it comes to your finances. Leaving your corporate job is a major move, so you have to be prepared. Not all clients/employers can give you a secured remote job. Determine your expenses and plan your savings. How much do you need to earn every month? What are your recurring expenses? Is your compensation enough to cover your needs? Were you able to find a remote employer? Can they give you a secured job?

4. You are on your own.

People often say that being a digital nomad means you are your own boss. It’s somehow true since you hold your own time and work at your own pace, except if your remote job requires you to work on a fixed schedule. Luckily, I have a great employer who gave me a flexible schedule and supports me on my goals. But basically, as a digital nomad, you are on your own in a way that you are the one who pays your own taxes, medical, and other government contributions. Did I also say that you have to pay your own internet connection? Electricity bill?


3. You have to be different.

For higher chances of getting hired remotely, you have to be different. Why should they hire you? What can you do that others can’t? If you want to get hired or get more projects, you have to know your industry inside out.


2. Make connections.

Based on my experience, getting connected opens doors of opportunities. So make connections rather than competition. Join social groups on Facebook and connect with people. Who knows, you might land a long-term job.


1. Hustle and enjoy.

Being a digital nomad also means hustling but in a way that you do whatever it takes to achieve that success without sacrificing your personal life, dreams, and passion. Work hard and play hard. It helps you create a life that allows you to enjoy both working and pursuing your passion.


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All in all, I’m happy with the path that I took. I got to pursue my passion and at the same time, support myself, and my family by working remotely. 

I’m not telling anyone to quit their corporate job. All I’m saying is that each one of us has things we love to do and life is too short to not follow your passion.

Wherever you are, you can do the same. But remember, there are a lot of things you have to consider before you decide to leave your corporate job. So make sure to ask yourself twice or even thrice before making a decision.


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