5 Things About Gordon’s Sim Card Registration Act

Yesterday, two of the country’s biggest hotlines rolled out.

In fact, as early as the dawn of August 1, 911 (for emergencies) and 8888 (for complaints) were already working.

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Despite this cool milestone, the data released by PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa about the first few hours of these two hotlines were quite alarming.

During its first 7 hours, the hotlines received 304 prank calls and 1,119 dropped calls. To address such a concern (among many others), Dick Gordon promotes his Sim Card Registration Act.

5 Things About Gordon’s Sim Card Registration Act

sim card registration act

5. Every telecommunications company should require its subscribers to register and should maintain a database of its users, both for prepaid and postpaid.

4. When buying a sim card, the user should present a valid ID (with picture) and accomplish a registration form.

3. The information includes the sim card’s serial number, the mobile number, the subscriber’s name, and address.

2. Existing subscribers should register their sim cards within 3 months after the passing of the law.

1. Violation fines range from PHP 5,000 – PHP 50,000.

Source: Dick Gordon’s post

Do you think this will be an effective measure to reduce scams and other related crimes?