5 Takeaways From The Masters Of Wealth

“Fight for your dreams, and your dreams will fight for you” -Paulo Coelho

We all have dreams: certain goals or tasks we want to achieve; it could be buying your own house, traveling the world, or even starting up your own business. What ever it is, it’s something you could proudly tell yourself that “I finally did it”.

But achieving a dream is no easy task, and many of us fear the risk involved in trying to reach our own dreams. if this is you, here are 5 things I learned from listening to the masters of wealth.

1. Pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice

Pain is something many of us try our best to avoid, may it be physical pain, mental pain, or emotional pain. But Andrew Matthews, writer of the bestselling book “being happy!” said that we can’t avoid pain; however, we can choose to be miserable or not. Life is full of hard and painful challenges, but we have the choice to face and overcome these challenges, or remain miserable by running away from them.

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2. Happiness is the new productivity

It’s important to be happy with what you are doing. According to Peng Joon — a leading authority in online wealth creation — if you’re not happy with what you are doing, you don’t release your full potential; so you won’t get the best results. To get the best out of your work or business, you need to do something that makes you happy, because your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being  can greatly affect your actions and decisions.

3. 80% of people will lose

Have you ever felt that you always seem to lose no matter what you do? Whether you’re playing a game or trading stocks in the stock market, you are going to lose. In fact, according to Mario Singh, the #1 forex coach in Asia, at most 80% of people lose, 10% neither win or lose, and only 10% wins. So don’t be afraid of losing because many people also lose; what you need to aim for is how to be part of the winning 10%.

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4. Goals are important

Having a clear goal is important. Goals not only help remind you of what you want to achieve, but they also help push you to succeed. According to Robert Riopel, top International trainer for financial freedom, Billionaires aim “to win” while ordinary people aim “not to lose”. And that is one reason why ordinary people don’t succeed like the billionaires, because their goal is simply not to lose. If you change your mindset from “not to lose” to “aim to win”, then you’ll push yourself to aim for “the best”, rather than just sticking to “just fine” or what’s “okay”.

5. and lastly, take MASSIVE action

Learning and understanding what you want to do is important. But equally important is putting what you learn into practice! It is only when you decide to take action that you will see results and changes. And it can’t just be small action, it has to be massive, because only then will you be able to see big changes in your life. One reason why people decide not to take action is because of the fear of losing and moving out of their comfort zones, but unless you are willing to take the risk and make big changes in your life, then you won’t move forward.

Do you think these advice are worth trying out?

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