5 Simple Hacks To Waking Up Early

Having trouble waking up early no matter what you do? These tips might help you rise and shine early!


5. Resist the urge to hit snooze. Place your phone/alarm clock far away from your bed, or download fun apps that help you wake up like Rocket Alarm.

4. Plan your schedule to allow enough hours of sleep. Most people need anywhere between 5-7 hours of sleep. Plan your schedule around depending on how many hours you need to feel well-rested.

3. Wear a sleep mask to bed. Darkness improves the quality of your sleep, making you feel less tired upon waking up.

2. Get a “smart” alarm clock. Smart alarm clocks rouse you gradually and help you wake up at the lightest point of your sleep, so your body doesn’t get shocked and reduces daytime fatigue.

1. Place pressure on certain parts of your body to wake up. There are certain acupressure points on our bodies that, when stimulated, can boost alertness. Press any of the following points: between your thumb and index finger at the back of your hand,the top of your head, top of the back of your neck,  right below your knees, and the center of the bottom of your foot.


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