5 Secrets To Successful Long-Distance Relationships

long distance couple

5. Be spontaneous. Living distantly from each other forces you into a routine, one that is bound by schedules, time zones and other responsibilities, which can get repetitive and boring. Spontaneity doesn’t exactly have to mean surprising the other person halfway across the world (though if you can afford it, why not!); it could be in the little things — like sending a care package with items from your hometown without announcing.

4. Know each other’s schedules. Before you get to being spontaneous, however, it’s important to know each other’s schedules. Know what time both of you have to get to work and get off work, so you can establish a clear “us” time. And if one of you is working late or has to celebrate with friends, let the other know in advance so that they’re not kept waiting and wondering why you haven’t gone online on Facetime yet.

3. Don’t feel the need to communicate all the time. While communication is highly important in a relationship, there’s such a thing as overdoing it. Don’t ask your S.O. what they’re doing every five minutes, or insisting on texting each other all throughout the day. Don’t bombard each other on why they haven’t replied in the last 15 minutes when they already told you they were in a meeting.

2. Be honest and open to each other. Trust is important more than ever in your situation. Being open to each other and refraining from keeping secrets is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

1. Take this as an opportunity to become independent. You’ve got an entire neighborhood ahead of you. Explore your surroundings, make new friends, devote your time to your passions. When the time finally comes for you and your loved one to get together, you’ll appreciate the time you took to find yourself while still being committed.