5 Reasons Why You Should Start Walking

Let’s face it: not everyone loves to walk. Some people may dismiss walking as a tiresome chore, but what you should know is that there is more to this physical activity than just walking. Walking comes with a host of benefits that might make you consider taking it up as a regular form of exercise. Read on.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Walking

5. It’s free.


Instead of using a treadmill or following a complicated workout routine, just go outside and walk. Whether slow or brisk, walking is a great way to stay fit. You’ll get stronger bones and toned legs minus the expensive gym membership.

4. You’ll feel happier.

Exercise, in general, boosts one’s mood, and walking is one of the easiest workouts you can do. After 30 minutes of walking, the brain signals the release of endorphins. These happy hormones are known to reduce pain sensitivity and beat stress at the same time. So, if you ever feel like you’re having a bad day, take a walk and see how it changes your mood.

3. It reduces the risk of diseases.

Studies reveal that walking can help lessen the risk of diabetes and various heart diseases. One study even suggests that walking for a total of 2 hours a week can lower your risk of stroke.

2. You’ll sleep better.

Having trouble sleeping? Make it a point to walk outside daily as aerobic activities can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Studies find that the more a person stays active, the better they can sleep.

1. It’s fun!


To say that walking is boring is totally subjective. After all, you can always consider making it more enjoyable by looking for other activities you can do while walking. You can go window shopping, take a scenic route, or play Pokemon GO and level up faster (make sure you stay safe, of course!)

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Here’s one very helpful tip: wear shoes made for walking. Prolonged walking can be painful on your feet, especially when you’re wearing the wrong shoes. If you’re wearing the right footwear, you can avoid muscle strains, ngalay, blisters, and other walking-related problems.


Slip into a pair that offers genuine comfort. Lightweight, flexible, and comfortable shoes are your best bet, just like the Skechers GOwalk – the number one walking shoe in the US. Available in slip-on, lace-up and sandal versions, it gives you a bounce in every step for an effortless walk.

Eager to go outside and take a walk yet? Make it a habit and don’t forget to wear the right shoes! Remember: every step you take to wellness counts!

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