5 Reasons Why You Need New Bold U To Take Off Your Career

In the age of disruption, we have seen innovation improved our lives for the better from transportation and food delivery to banking and finance, you name it. But how about innovation in the education system? How can we reinvent to improve the lives of the majority?

We know deep inside we can do better than just the current educational system, right? This is what New Bold U, a pop-up school, is set out to do. Their mission is to “reimagine education” by creating and designing transformative sessions and events that will help people achieve their fullest potentials.

Their flagship program is an annual weeklong event that helps people make their passion their life. There are many reasons why NBU is already a unique event of its own: the event is for all ages, it’s done yearly (the reason is they believe you need to be equipped of the latest ideas so you can go ahead to your daily life after), and it ends with a party!

This past year, New Bold U took place at Paranaque City. New connections were made, friendships and partnerships were formed and great speakers and experts shared their gifts.

New Bold U is opening its door again this 2020 for its flagship program. Limited to 300 students, it will take place in Asian Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City on the 27th of January to 1st of February.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe New Bold U is worth checking.

  1. Discovering Yourself More

New Bold University’s first goal is to put consciousness to your true competitive advantage through workshops and tools. After the event, you’lll have a better idea about your own strengths (even weaknesses) They value authenticity and diversity. That’s more of my kind of vibe!

  1. Learning from Some of the Country’s Great Minds

Imagine learning from Francis Kong, Randell Tiongson, Jason Magbanua, Melissa Villa of Project Pearls and other CEOs, experts and changemakers! Each speaker and mentor will bring with them unique ideas and strategies which they will share in their own classes! There are 20+ classes and masterminds the entire week which I hope will not be an information overload.

  1. Being Part of a Tribe

We’re all craving for connections. We crave for moments with people who we can also talk about the same kind of existential crisis we go through. New Bold U is designed to expand your social connections with an inspiring tribe of people who are also lifelong learners and are committed to live a fuller life. Words such as ‘purpose’, ‘passion’, and ‘skills sets’ are common lingo you’ll hear in the event. You can network, learn with a diverse community of people like you-entrepreneurs, artists, parents, creatives and teachers!

  1. Huge Value for Money

Events like this are likely to be expensive. However, the fee for this is for only P23,000 (P18,000 Early Bird Fee) You’ll not be in debt with student loans, plus you get to apply what you learn right away.

  1. It’s Just for A Week

We live in a fast-paced world and a week-long course is enough for most of us. New Bold U is that easy to join, you immerse for a week and you’re back in the real world after.

Apply at newboldu.com/apply to join this year’s batch of lifelong learners.

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