5 Reasons Why We Love HyvE!

For years, HyvE has been one of the best party places in Manila. And, last September, the most awaited REBORN happened. With open arms, HyvE embraced all the party goers and, yet again, treated everyone for a night worth remembering. With heart pumping music and awesome crowd, the place proved to still be the must-visit place for those who want to experience a premiere night life in the city.

We’ve counted down the reasons why YOU should check the place out. Look no further, because your new favorite gimmick place is right here.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (128)

5. The crowd is FUN AND FIERCE!

For the past years, HyvE has always been the go-to place for parties, not only for its prime location, but also because of the undying energy from the crowd.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (3)

At HyvE, from 11:00 PM to the wee hours of the morning, everyone’s verve is still at its peak. The energy will never fail to encourage you to bust some more moves, no matter how many shots you’ve already taken, or how long have you been shaking that booty.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (49)

Also, if you want to meet new people, HyvE’s crowd is the perfect place to find new friends. Or even beaus. 😉

4. They play the right beats at the right time.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (126)

If there’s something to love about HyvE, it’s the fact that they know how to play good music. They have impeccable taste in music, knowing which tunes to play, and which artists to invite. In fact, they’ve hosted numerous parties featuring the best DJs here and abroad, and promises to produce more heart pumping parties in the future!

2015.9.20 - Hyve (112)

3. They have the coolest and most approachable staff.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (85)

One of the things that I loved the most about HyvE is their unusually cool and pleasing staff. From the waiters who are attentive despite the chaos, to the cheerful people at the bar, they are all undeniably nice and warm. It feels great to always go back.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (5)

2. They have reasonably priced tables and drinks!

2015.9.20 - Hyve (51)

One of the things that I appreciate about HyvE is that though they offer you premiere services, they still have offer reasonable prices for their drinks. Shots starts at Php 250.00, beers at Php 120.00, and cocktails at Php 400.00. Compared to some places nearby, the prices are pretty okay. The service is also A+, making the night all worth paying for.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (20)

1. Their interior is a great visual experience.

The club is beautifully decorated with LED lights, which are in sync with the music and the beat of the crowd. Their restrooms are also A+, and it’s really one of the cleanest out there. It’s also pretty spacious, with couches spread out on all the right areas.

2015.9.20 - Hyve (2)

2015.9.20 - Hyve (104)

All in all, HyvE is one hell of a place that you must to check out! It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a night cap or if you’re celebrating your birthday. The place has that vibe that will make you dance your heart out! Don’t forget to check them out, because in HyvE, you’d definitely feel like you’ve been born again. 🙂


8/F W Global Center, 9th Avenue Corner 30th St., The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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