4 Reasons Why the Philippines is a Strategic Location for Startups

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In times when starting up a business can be hard-won, trusting where it should set foot first can be critical to your success. There a lot of other factors that contribute, sure, but location can also determine just how competent your start-up business will be in a sea of other enterprises.

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If you’re thinking about starting up a business or building your own career, Philippines offers the best qualities any startup business would look for. The position alone, where the Philippines is planted, bags a lot of opportunities—imagine more the comprehensive set-up and assistance it bids. Take Foxhole Business Center and their business support service as a prime to what Philippine assistance can offer. And if you think these can already gear you to a good start, I give you a complete list on why making the Philippines your location for your new business can drive your business to a total success:

4. Labor is relatively affordable

Let’s face it, cheap labor allows you to reap more of your money to making your business start out with a bang. The Philippine labor force opening to investors both foreign and local make cheap labor their selling point. Other than that, the quality of work our people offer is remarkableeven other nationals deeply commend.

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3. Almost everyone can speak English

As the universal language, English usually is the language used in businesses, especially in formal settings and in transactions between two different nationals.

The equation is simple. The more people have English as a common language, there is better flow of communication (which by the way is critical in any field or industry).

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2. People are social media savvy

Social media has definitely become the forerunner platform in advertising. Every customer that gets the word out through a single post can reach multitudes. And Filipinos are crazy for their social media networks. They are always online. Just by keeping your content interesting and your online presence consistent, you could get your business in the buzz.

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1. Availability of co-working spaces

Co-working spaces offer all your needs, especially when it comes to startups. They can be rented out short-term and long-term. Foxhole, for example, guarantees you fast internet, comfortable space, and nifty common rooms that make work feel less like work.

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Some co-working spaces even offer comprehensive packages to boost your own career and business support system that makes setting up a business and operations-wise a piece of cake. I know, operations. Thinking about all the paperwork and the process is, in itself, a headache on its own. But administration, from permits, to mail handling, to accounting can sound less heavy with Foxhole providing support and doing the work for you.

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It’s hard to take in all the provisions listed as to why the Philippines is a great location for a startup, but that’s not all that it has to offer. In any startup, execution and operations are detrimental parts of determining success, and that’s how business supports like Foxhole’s service provide you just that.

The Philippines definitely is prime to any business (startup or perhaps a long-running one) because it prepares you to start with a great impression and continues you to administer to a steady-flowing business.

If you want to know more about what Foxhole has to offer, check out their website or contact them directly in the details below.

Foxhole Business Center

2/F Molave Building, 2231 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/foxholeph/
Phone: (02) 804 3391
Email: officespace@foxholeph.com


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