5 Reasons why “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is Better than the First movie

Words By: Carinna Reyes

Rarely does it happen that a sequel can live up to the original movie. It is often a concern for fans when a beloved movie gets a sequel–so let me ease your worries as this one will not disappoint you.

We all loved Wreck-it Ralph as it offered a new perspective on what it means to be a hero, even when you’re meant to play the role of a villain. In it, he found what he was looking for with his friendship with Vanellope, and through her, he found a sense of achievement within himself. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, however, the story progresses to Ralph’s struggle with co-dependency with Vanellope, and how they overcome his insecurities to save their friendship.

Through Conagra Brands, When In Manila was invited to a screening of Ralph Breaks the Internet before it breaks all your hearts with love and laughter. Here are five reasons why we think this sequel definitely beats the first movie:

5. The Princesses

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No one can deny that this was one of the reasons why we’re all hyped to watch this movie. The gathering of all Disney princesses in one movie has been our childhood dream since forever–and it’s finally here. The best part about it is their canon clothes and their lovely but sassy personalities that shone through the scene even with their minimal dialogue.

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4. The animation of the internet

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Going into the cinema I kept thinking, how on earth will they make animate the Internet to something that kids would enjoy? Because realistically speaking, the internet is nothing but a bunch of codes and wires. But the animators turned it into its own virtual world with cat videos and annoying pop-ups. Because let’s face it, it’s not the internet if it doesn’t have cats in it.

3. That Stan Lee cameo

I won’t spoil where he is for you. But every Marvel fan (myself included) will break into a smile once you see him.

2. The badass portrayal of women

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One of my favorite things in this movie is its women and how they take the lead when things go awry. Here we have a woman as a racer, the final boss in a GTA-inspired game, and saving a certain bulky man from dying by using gowns and their animal best friends (spoiler alert). The women here didn’t take the back seat and were, in fact, the faces of action, balancing out representation for its young audience. It’s a good reminder for us that hey, women can be badass too.

1. Vanellope and Ralph’s Relationship

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The ultimate reason why kids and adults should watch this show is its mature take on what a healthy relationship should be. No matter how old we are, the message of this movie applies to us all; that in any kind of relationship, it should push us to be better people, to conquer our insecurities ourselves, and be happy with who we are.

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