5 Reasons Why Oreo Thins are the Millennial Cookies for You

Who doesn’t love Oreo? Oreo has been a favorite snack of many, and I have to admit indulging in a piece or two or three or… okay, who are we kidding? I’ve indulged in an entire pack of Oreo in one sitting more than once. I just can’t help it. It’s just that good.

Well, in case you didn’t know yet, Oreo has recently released a different variant to its usual thick cookie-ness in the form of Oreo Thins – and here’s why we believe they are the ultimate millennial cookies:

5 Reasons Why Oreo Thins are the Millennial Cookies for You

5. They come in the perfect size.

You can probably guess by the name that Oreo Thins are thinner versions of the original cookies. This makes them just the right size for a delicious bite without any overpowering taste of sweetness. This would be the perfect option for you if you don’t happen to be a big fan of Oreo’s famous cream center to begin with. They are much crunchier, too, yet still provide the same delicious flavor we have grown to know and love.

4. They’re the perfect everyday companions.

Regardless of what your hobbies are – travel, art, music, movies, writing – Oreo Thins are the perfect companion for your everyday activities. They are the perfect snacks to munch on, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, and they can even help unleash the creativity in you.

3. They make for good conversation starters.

Oreo Thins are still relatively new in the market and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been bringing them around as my constant snack companion, it’s that they have proven to be great conversation starters. The minute I start eating one, someone around me has always asked about it out of curiosity. This has started whole conversations with me introducing them to Oreo Thins and then extending to completely different topics. Yes, Oreo Thins can help you make new friends.

2. They make for convenient snacks whilst traveling.

Who doesn’t love to travel nowadays? By the looks of the online world, everybody loves to travel in today’s day and age. Naturally, when you travel, you need to bring snacks with you – and Oreo Thins are a great addition to those travel snacks. Why?

First of all, they come in travel-friendly boxes that ensure that your cookies won’t get crushed while you’re on the go. Second of all, it is just the right size to give you a bit of sugar in your system in small doses during the day just in case your travel time was longer than expected and you don’t have time to grab a proper meal just yet. Lastly, they’re good for sharing and everyone will be able to enjoy your snack with you.

1. They come in two interesting flavors.

Oreo Thins are available in two delicious flavors, so you have options to choose from depending on your mood. Prefer the taste of the original Oreos? Go for Vanilla Delight. Looking for a new and interesting flavor? Try the Tiramisu. I have personally come to find that the Tiramisu Oreo Thins are the best flavor to choose if you want something sweet after a meal, but don’t really have enough space for dessert anymore.

Overall, Oreo Thins give us an easier and more convenient snacking experience in a sleeker and more sophisticated form. Plus, they look much cooler – proving to be great for Instagram-worthy shots.

Want to get in on the Oreo Thins fun? Oreo Philippines is currently having a flatlay challenge, where you could get the chance to be featured on Oreo’s page. Just share your own flatlay photo with Oreo Thins, and choose one of the following themes: Travel, Art, or Music. So, if your interests revolve around one of those themes, make sure to join now! Find out more about the challenge here.

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