5 Reasons Why It’s Essential For Moms To Feel and Look Good (Without Feeling Guilty)

I was never kikay to begin with. I was satisfied with my minimalist fashion sense (like black/white/brown color options) and a few trips to the salon.


This was my first legit salon visit after a year! The staff of Status Hair Salon is accommodating and understanding. 

However, I am now more conscious when I became a mom. See, when a woman becomes a wife and a mother, it’s so easy to fall into a sense of comfort and familiarity. Why? Because you feel comfortable with the people around you: husband/partner and children.

Notwithstanding, the “busy-ness” of tending to so many things all at once that make moms forget to put themselves first. I know as I hardly get privacy.


I miss those drinking times with friends! I love this movie!

It’s a good thing to remember that before we all became Moms and homemakers; we were single ladies who had time for bubble baths, wine nights, and pampering/me time days too.


This is how it looks like inside Status Hair Salon in Imus, Cavite. The staff ambiance and interior were enticing! I love the purple chairs, as well as, the positioning of the furniture.

But then again, becoming a mother must never be a reason for a woman to slack off on good grooming.

Think about this: If you are always cooped up at home, the tendency is to be cranky, irritated, and more anxious. According to a family psychologist, when a parent is loaded with work and responsibilities, there’s a huge tendency to blow up. As a result, moms are prone to yelling and nagging.

So, if you have a chance, trade off those pajamas and house gowns for a day in the salon!


According to their purple clock, it’s about time for a new look!

Here are my 5 reasons why moms need to take good care of themselves minus the guilt!

5. It’s personal hygiene.

Personal grooming means being clean or neat. It speaks volume about how you treat your body and how you treat your environment around you. Any person who can maintain being neat outside whilst taking care of several different things sets a good example for her kids.

4. It will make you feel good.

If you look and feel good on the outside, you’ll be the same on the inside.


This is me, loving my new hair color. Thanks to Sir Romer, Status Hair Salon’s senior stylist, for taking care of my hair that day! I’ve also learned so much from him. 

If you feel good about yourself, your attitude towards yourself, your family and other people around you will be better.

3. Confidence booster.

A well-groomed woman, especially a mother, would be more confident to face other people. It will also reflect how your husband takes care of you. An added bonus is that your kids will be proud to show you off to their friends. No kidding!

2. Sets a good example.

Whether you have a son or a daughter, it’s most important to show them good examples. Aside from raising them to be well-rounded children, it’s also vital to show them that a well-groomed individual promotes good health too – inside and out.

1. You deserve it!

Hey, fellow moms! You don’t need a reason not to look good all the time! It’s a must to always be a great mom but it’s also imperative that you look just as good outside as you do on the inside. So, plan your wardrobe, get a haircut or even change your hair color. Remember, when you’re happy, everything will follow.

Ultimately, moms literally take care of everything. Hence, it’s a must to feel good all the time. In order for you to do it effectively, you must feel satisfied with what you feel inside and outside. Dating yourself or catching up with friends will give you clarity and serenity.

So, if you’ve been planning to have some alone time at the salon, go, because you deserve it.

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