5 Reasons why Kojic Acid Based Products are Best for Lightening Skin

Skin lightening and whitening are two different things. Lightening is reaching your natural light skin color. Usually, the lightest part of our skin is on the abdomen area or parts that are not exposed to the sun all the time. Whitening, on the other hand, is the process of achieving whiter skin with the use of different products and procedures that may or may not damage the skin.

I’m always¬†at the beach, but even in the city, the harsh sun can darken your skin so it’s really nice that there are many skin lightening products in the market that can help you with your skin woes. Who wouldn’t like fairer skin anyways?

Here are 5 Reasons why Kojic Acid Based Products are Best for Lightening Skin

5.¬†Kojic Acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi with melanin inhibiting properties. Though papaya soap has vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t have melanin inhibiting properties while glutathione is an anti-oxidant synthesized from amino acids. The best kind of Kojic Acid is derived from fermented rice wine or sake.

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4. Kojic Acid has skin brightening benefits. It brightens complexion, removes pigmentation, melasma, age spots, acne scars and sun spots.


3. With prolonged use, the skin will continue to become lighter.

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2. Products with Kojic Acid has longer shelf life because it resists exodation and spoilage.


1. It can be in a form of a soap, toner, lotion or night creams.

Thinking of what product to use for your skin next? Why don’t you try some Kojic and see the more natural lightening product for your face and body. Though there are many Kojic products in the market, but I personally love Kojie San’s toner and cream that I can apply to my dark spots. Though I am still tan, my dark spots are now lighter and fairer.

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