5 Reasons Why I am in Love with the Marshall Major II Headphones

I love my music. I may not be an ultra techie audiophile or anything, but I get really cranky when I have to borrow headphones from someone who doesn’t appreciate sound the way that I do. A lot of the time, my friends buy cheap headphones to save money without really taking into account how much the sound deteriorates when they don’t think about their headphones’ purchases too much. Well, I really think about mine. I read a lot of reviews online, I check prices, I test them out and, well, admittedly, I care a lot about how they look, too.

Right now, I am in love with the Marshall Major II headphones. Here’s why:

5 Reasons Why I am in Love with the Marshall Major II Headphones

5. They look great.

Marshall headphones generally always look great – or at least I think so. I love the classic colours that they come in and I love the classic look of their logo on their headsets. The Major’s classic good looks are upgraded in this version to a more rounded construction and have an extra durable vinyl finish.

Marshall Major II Headphones

4. They are hella comfortable.

The Marshall Major II headphones have a newly constructed headband design and hinges, so they fit better than ever. Because of this new construction, the headphones are generally more flexible and the ear caps on them rotate more freely. This is very important for me because my head is bigger than most people’s heads and my ears all the more so. These headphones feel like they actually adapt to my weird head and ear shapes, making them comfortable to wear even when worn for long periods of time. One of my major pet peeves is when I need to take a break from movie-watching or music trips because my ears start to hurt. Not with these babies!

3. They are durable.

I’ve only had my Marshall Major II headphones for a few months, but I am already impressed by their durability. I have a five-year-old and, well, if you have a kid, you know what that means. Headphones get picked up and thrown around; they get stretched for fun; and they fall to the ground. A lot. Many of my headphones in the past have broken because of misuse (not on my part – I swear! Haha), but my Marshalls haven’t shown any signs of wear or tear whatsoever so far. Plus, they come with a detachable double-ended coil cord, so that your headphones don’t snag anywhere when you decide to keep them around your neck as you travel.

Marshall Major II Headphones

2. Their performance is impeccable.

These headphones really are impressive. Aside from everything mentioned above, they come with an updated sound and improved ergonomics that give way to a whole new level of listening. Some of the more advanced sound features include customized drivers that help deliver a deeper bass and more extended detailed highs with a redefined mid-range and overall lower distortion. You can hear everything really when you use these babies, but not to the point where the outside world becomes non-existent. (This is important to me because: safety first, guys!) It also has a dual 3.5mm jacks that lets you to choose which side to wear your cable on or plug in and share your music with a friend.

Marshall Major II Headphones

1. They are affordable.

Obviously, these headphones aren’t super cheap. However, as far as quality headphones go, the price of this pair is top-notch, everything else considered. Right now, the Marshall Major II retails for Php4,650 and can be found at various stores in the metro (complete list can be found below). I’d highly recommend getting one. 🙂

Marshall Major II Headphones

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