5 Reasons Why Every K-pop Fan Will Love CNA

2. Beauty Products

Unfortunately, CNA in Fairview Terraces doesn’t sell any beauty products, but their other branches in Morayta, Malate and Cubao do. They have various items for beauty aficionados that you can use to pamper and beautify yourself.


3. K-pop Albums

CNA isn’t just famous for their cutesy stuff, but also for the albums that they have to offer! Different K-pop albums are always on the racks, sometimes even including new releases that haven’t hit other music stores yet! This exclusivity gives fans the chance to grab their favorite group’s album before anyone else does.

CNA Fairview

CNA Fairview

4. K-pop Merchandise

Complete your visit to CNA by purchasing merchandise of your favourites! With photo cards, folders, calendars and badges available, you might have a hard time deciding, though. So, make sure you bring extra cash with you the next time you plan to step inside their store.

CNA Fairview

An assortment of K-pop merch

And finally..

5. The Opening of Other Stores!

Yes, you read that right! CNA wants to get even closer to its loyal supporters, so they plan on opening up more branches around the metro! This one is just the beginning; expect a few more branches to open this year!

CNA Fairview

CNA at Fairview Terraces

CNA Fairview

Dasuri Choi’s group, Sapphire, after their performance

CNA Fairview

Fellow guests with Kring Elenzano and Jen Nadonga

Get ready, K-pop babies! Get lost in Hallyu, shop to your heart’s content and jeulgyeo!



CNA Fairview

CNA Philippines


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5 Reasons Why Every K-pop Fan Will Love CNA


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