5 Reasons Why Barre is the Ultimate Workout to Get That Perfect Bod

I’ve always been on the lookout for great workout sessions. Though I have tried barre before, I figured it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong. It was hard AF, but I was into a more active and less disciplined workout back then. I recently got to try it again during Physique 57’s anniversary and it completely changed my mind about why it’s the workout that I should be doing regularly.

All the way from 57th street in New York City, dynamic barre studio Physique 57 is set to reinvent the fitness landscape in Manila, utilizing classical ballet moves and innovative, tried-and-tested methods that promise rapid results in as few as only 8 workouts at 57 minutes per class. “Give yourself 57 minutes, and it can change the course of your day… and your life!” it says in one of Physique 57’s motivational mantras.

5 Reasons Why Barre is the Ultimate Workout to Get That Perfect Bod

It promotes grace.

I’m sure you’ve seen ballerinas and how amazingly graceful they are. It’s the same principles that barre promotes. The movements are similar to ballet dance routines, but customized to ensure that you get a full-body workout and get your blood pumping.

It helps with posture.

If you are always sitting at the office or if you tend to slouch a lot, barre can help you with your postural problems. The movements for the workout can help straighten your back and ease any shoulder and back pain you might be experiencing.

Each class is only 57 minutes long.

Unlike gym workouts or weightlifting, barre works around a certain period of time in which you have to complete your workout. Though 57 minutes doesn’t seem long, Physique 57’s program will ensure that you make use of every bit of your body. I guarantee your whole body will be sore after the first time you try barre.

It’s perfect for any fitness level.

Whether you are a workout newbie or a fitness junkie, and whatever age you may be – heck, even if you are pregnant! – barre could be the workout for you. Physique 57’s classes are customized to fit each person attending. There are many variations to the movements, so they can adjust to your tolerance, especially if you have prior injuries or are pregnant.

It has a bit of everything.

Weights, bands, dance, core workouts, stretching – whatever you are looking for, barre has it. Since every instructor has different techniques, every barre program varies, as well. It is sure to always have a bit of everything, though, and it will never bore you. It is a mixture of different workouts that are made to get your blood pumping and will definitely make you sweat. Classes start with a warm up, focusing on upper body exercises using free weights, push-ups, and plank positions, specifically targeting the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and the chest and back muscles.

The studio’s core programs are based on classical ballet exercises and the Lotte Berk Method, developed by a classically-trained dancer who conceptualized a combined workout of strength training, dance, and orthopaedic back exercises for maximum results.

If you want to work out alone, they also have special unlimited packages. However, there are also class packages that you can share with your friends and family members. If you are a mom, mom-to-be, or are getting married, they also have packages for you, so you can enjoy barre to the fullest.

Physique 57 Manila

W Building, 5th Ave., BGC, Taguig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Physique57

Instagram: @physique57manila

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