5 Reasons WHeY: Here’s What’s Gonna Complete Your 2018 Fit-Bod Resolution

Words by Jerika Danielle Clemente
Photos by Sky Gavin

New Year, New You?

The first month of the year is about to end and maybe you’ve started on your 2018 fitness resolution or are already close to giving up on it—BUT before you do so, know that there’s still hope and it comes in powdered form.

Regularly drinking Whey Protein as you work on your Balik Alindog 2018 resolution can help take you from squirming-into-your-jeans to rocking-that-summer-body!

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Let me give you 5 reasons why you should choose to drink Whey Protein:

5. It’s perfect for weight loss

Taking Whey Protein is a great way to lose weight because as you intake more protein, your metabolism increases and the more calories you burn. Scientifically speaking, Protein can boost one’s metabolism by 80-100 calories per day so it helps you lose fat.

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4. It maintains (and promotes the growth of) muscles

With this drink, you can lose fat, BUT at the same time retain and build up your muscles. Whey Protein contains amino acids and protein which are building blocks for increased muscle mass especially when consumed before, during, or after a workout. Make sure to pair it with your strength workout and you’re one step closer to a more muscly future!

3. It reduces hunger

Known as one of the most filling macronutrients, protein can help you reduce your food intake by at least 400 calories per day. One study even showed that if you regularly eat 25% protein during meals, your cravings would be cut to about 60%. It also reduces your midnight-snack urges to about half!

2. It strengthens your immune system

Did you know that Glutathione has a bigger role in your immune system than on your complexion? It’s an important antioxidant produced by our bodies and reduced Glutathione levels could affect nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems that could ultimately affect your love for extended cardio sessions.

Whey Protein combats this by promoting glutathione production in the body because it provides just the right amino acid (Cysteine) needed and, therefore, strengthens your body’s antioxidant defenses.

1. Has numerous health benefits

You may be drinking Whey Protein only for those reasons stated above but know that you’re doing much more for your body by drinking it. Whey Protein can also help lower/moderate blood sugar and blood pressure, help fight some common forms of cancer (colon and prostate), reduce symptoms of depression, and even help manage stress.

ACTIVE Whey Protein comes in chocolate flavor, weighs 5 lbs and it can last 70 servings—all for just PHP 1,899.

So whether you’re a regular gym goer by now or someone who is planning to start, there’s no harm in going to the nearest health supplement store to buy yourself a pack. You can even go online to shop for one real quick!

Ready for a fitter 2018?

Athlene’s ACTIVE Whey Protein



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