5 Reasons to Welcome 2017 in Boracay

5 Reasons to Welcome 2017 in Boracay

5. Start the year with a breath of fresh air

At the aftermath of New Year’s festivities, let’s welcome the New Year literally with a breath of fresh air. Enjoy Boracay’s powdery white sand, calm waters and spectacular sunset as you ponder what 2017 brings. Do some exercise and stretching by the beach as you prepare for another busy and challenging year

4. Visit Boracay with a Purpose

Be in Boracay not only for a well-deserved respite but with a purpose. Learn more about the native ATI community who are the original settlers of the island as part of the Wedding Destination Planner Workshop 2017. Expand your skills and services as you take part in the discussion and exercises.

3. Perfect Backdrop for Learning

Being in a relaxed state of mind allows for more ideas to flow. Starting the year with a clear purpose and positive vibe sets the tone for the New Year. And where else to relax the mind and body but in the World’s Best Island of 2016 (Condé Nast Traveler’s 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards)    – Boracay, Philippines! It’s the idyllic setting for learning –on- leisure.

2. Be with your Peers

Join peers, colleagues and like-minded individuals who are always on the quest for self-improvement. Meet a planner from down south or a stylist from up north to exchange thoughts and experiences. Listen to peers who are now renowned experts in their respective fields share valuable insights. Enjoy light-hearted conversations with people sharing a common interest as the gentle waves of Boracay surround you.

1. Reward yourself with the Gift of Knowledge

Welcome 2017 by investing in yourself. Learning a new skill, polishing your talent, expanding your network are some of the benefits you reap by joining a workshop. Re-invent yourself, expand your business by offering a new service, add to your portfolio/resume, open your own business, or simply satisfy your craving for a new leaning opportunity. Successful people never stop learning. It’s in their DNA.


Join the Wedding Destination Planners Workshop  2017 from January 3-5 at Boracay, Philippines. Grab this opportunity to learn from respected event practitionersthat include:  MaricarDonato – event tourism expert based in Washington D.C., Amanda Tirol – Boracay’s highly-sought wedding planner, Jonathan Seevaratnam – Malaysia’s first certified special event professional (CSEP) among others.

Novice planners, coordinators, event practitioners, career-changers, learning enthusiasts, entrepreneurs … YOU are all invited!Email marketing@nextstepevents.com or call (+632) 400-8357 / 400-8547 for more details.Visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nextstepevents/ for more updates.#WDPW17BORACAY