5 Reasons to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Birdland Beach Club

Birdland Beach Club has become a must-visit eco-resort for every sea lover. I must admit: when we visited the place, I was mind-blown by how pretty the area is. Tucked in Bolinao,  this resort should definitely be on your bucket list and here are 5 reasons why.

5 Reasons to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Birdland Beach Club

5. The resort offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Birdland Beach Club in Bolinao, Pangasinan has 3- to 4-story high nipa huts (bolifugao huts) and with the best views, might I add! If that’s not enough, you can even choose to stay at a hut that’s literally by a cliff and right above the beach itself. Pretty cool, huh?

Birdland Beach Club

I was lucky enough to book the hut closest to the sea. The next day, I woke up to the most glorious view: a pastel sky with a beautiful view of the ocean. You can get a front row seat to a sunset over the ocean, too. Breathtaking.

4. There are a lot of birds!

The resort wouldn’t be called Birdland Beach Club if it weren’t for the birds. What you’ll notice when you enter the place is the number of birdhouses. I couldn’t even count them all. They’re everywhere; and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds of them.

Birdland Beach Club

Because of this, expect to see a lot of birds at the resort. I peeked inside one birdhouse and true enough, there were bird feathers inside. The birds really lived there! As such, you can also expect to hear them sing in the morning. It’s the most beautiful thing to wake up to.

3. You can choose from a lot of activities (some are even free)!

I’m not even kidding! The resort owners made sure that you’ll be preoccupied at their resort by offering 20+ activities for you to choose from. If you were to do all of them, it might take you more than a week to try them all.

Birdland Beach Club

From golfing to chilling in the middle of the ocean in a Floating Bamboo House, Birdland Beach Club will never bore you. Everything is, of course, an awesome experience (even the discount they give when you do voluntary work and pick up trash!).

2. The food tastes like heaven!

The menu is filled with a lot of scrumptious food. You can order and customize as much as you like. The owner is a great chef, and you can really taste the freshness and Thai influence in every dish.

Birdland Beach Club

1. The staff is incredibly welcoming.

(Excuse the photo below; I forgot to snap a picture of the staff. I only have an image of their pretty goat.) One of the reasons our experience in Birdland was great was due to the welcoming feeling of the staff and owners. Entering this little paradise, we were personally greeted by the owners followed by a cold refreshing cup of water and a towel bath to help us cool down from the long trip. 

Birdland Beach Club

They generally leave you alone, so you can enjoy your stay at your own time and at your own pace. But when you need something, like heroes, you can count on them to save the day.

Overall, Birdland is a place that does not entirely rely on the sea. Their direction of not solely putting all their efforts on the beach is truly admirable. The resort provides you with a unique take where you are split between taking a dip in the ocean and enjoying the breeze, and listening to the chorus of a hundred birds as you slowly drift away into a land of birds in Birdland. Try staying there sometime; you’ll love it!


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