5 Reasons Why I am Not Excited about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Word at E3 is that the favorite RPG of my childhood, Final Fantasy VII, will be experiencing a remake soon.

All over my feed, I read about the excitement of people because they would finally be able to play the famous PlayStation game again. However, I sat here, with sadness in my heart. Here are the reasons why:

5 Reasons Why I am Not Excited about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

5. It is a remake, not a remaster.

I am a firm believer of the words, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. And let’s face it: there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old FF7. What I loved the most about FF7 was that it didn’t feel show off-y; it was just what it was. Good story. Good characters. Good gameplay. No superficiality. I never fell in love with how it looked (hello, NBA Live); I just fell in love with it. Plain and simple. Now, this might be my pre-teenager heart talking, but if it doesn’t have crappy graphics and slow battle scenes, then it somehow won’t… feel… right.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

4. Remakes are always a hit or miss.

Think about it: when have you ever heard of a movie remake and gotten extremely excited about it? It was most likely 50% of the time. Why? Because 50% of the other time, the remake turned out to be a bad idea and usually irked the people who loved the original to death and wished the remake was never made. I can see that happening here.

3. I will probably get annoyed whenever people talk about it.

I can already hear and see it now. Kids and teenagers talking about the new Final Fantasy VII and me sitting there in the corner, holding my anger in, reminding myself that they’re talking about the remake and don’t know the true beauty and charm of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Remake


Yes, they are changing the soundtrack. Probably not entirely, but they’re probably gonna add new acoustics and unique orchestra dramatisations like they usually do. Unfortunately, messing with the soundtrack will mess with our childhood memories and I think that just ain’t right. *cries inside* 

1. I don’t have a PS4.

Honestly? I think the biggest reason why I can’t be excited about the Final Fantasy VII remake is because I don’t have a PlayStation 4. And just thinking about getting one is already killing me. Where will I get the money? How will I find the time? What if it’s not worth it? And come on. If I actually get a PS4, then I am going to be forced to use it. Bye-bye, money for new games. Bye-bye, social life. Coz otherwise, sayang pera, right? :p

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