5 Reasons Why Color Manila’s Glitter Run Was More Than a Fun Run

Article by Christian Chagas / Photos by Patrice Tuyay

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Color Manila is back with their second Glitter Run this year, providing another flashy, foamy, and glittery experience. The glitter run was held last October 22 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds with a spectacular turnout of runners.

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3K, 5K, and 10K runners ran through 80s pop music, colored powder, glitters, and bubbles as they finished their respective distances. This second glitter run went back to the basics of running; no more obstacles, but a lively stroll along SM Mall of Asia Grounds.

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The fun run catered to people of all ages. There were kids, teenagers, young adults, and oldies jiving together—living the moment at its fullest as they immerse themselves in the colors of euphoria. In this fun celebration, we realized that the run is more than just a fun run! Here are some reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Color Manila’s Glitter Run Was More Than a Fun Run

5. The Lively Welcome

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It’s incredibly hard to get hyped when you wake up earlier than your usual alarm, not to mention when you wake up for exercise. A lot of people would rather sleep in and spend more time huddled in their blankets. Luckily, Color Manila provided great pre-workouts courtesy of representatives of Anytime Fitness. We were ready to run as soon as our muscles were made to warm up.

4. The Go Lang Nang Go People

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Pre-run, running, and post-run, the Color Manila crowd and its contagious vibe (figuratively!) colored the event a bright, dazzling hue of warm colors! The weather was perfect for running – not too hot nor too cold. Consequently, the participants of this glitter run clearly went for every part of the event, submerging themselves in color, thus the visibility of color marks.

3. The Vibrant Colors

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Color Manila had different hues of flashy colors that made its way onto the participants’ clothes and into their spirits. The colors had an order of orange, green, then blue. Even the staff was more-than-enthused throwing the colors onto the participants.

Color Manila did not disappoint; they had a lot of colors, the collision of which was enjoyed by toddlers to elders.

2. The Rave

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Color Manila made sure to turn up the music to get everyone moving around. Even though the lot of us found ourselves sweating and drenched in color after the race, booths like JBL had a sound system where they were just blaring 80s synth-pop music – truly nakakagana.

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Not only that, Color Manila also invited spoken word artist Maymay Catelyano from Bulacan to give the crowd a couple of heart-felt pieces of spoken word poetry. It was the perfect time for us to sit back, drink our beverages, and listen to the pleasant harmony of emotions collide.

1. The Amount of Energy

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As we were lining up to get our freebies (we had a medal for finishing the race PLUS a tiny amount of powder of our use like what they use for Color Manila Color Runs!), I could not help but notice the entirety of the crowd all smiles and all cheers, even though we were sweating and couldn’t completely feel our limbs.

The Color Manila Glitter Run is a testament of how a fun run is able to transpire as more than just a run.

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The last part of the Color Run showcased a bold splash of colors in the venue – a perfect way to end the event. People had their hands up to the sky and it was as if their lives were being painted with brand new, lively hues of color.

The moment illustrated why Manila has come to love Color Manila.

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