5 Quick Ways To Look Less Tired

While a great rest from the night before is the most natural way to looking youthful and healthy, we can’t always sleep in. Here’s how to cheat sleep and look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep (or more!)

5. Use a brightening facial wash


Use facial wash that has brightening properties such as Vitamin C, which will do wonders to your skin by making it look clearer and less dull.

4. Don’t forget to moisturize!


Lack of sleep can really dehydrate the skin, making our complexion look tired and emphasizing those fine lines. Moisturizing your face can help rehydrate your skin and bring back some vitality into it.

3. Slather on the eye cream.

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We’re no strangers to dark bags after a rough night. After washing your face, apply some eye cream to reduce undereye puffiness. You can also get your hands on undereye patches, which are a Korean skincare favorite.

2. Go for a minimal yet flawless base.

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After moisturizing, a minimal base is all you need. Go for a BB cream or a lightweight foundation if needed. Don’t go for heavy coverage, which will look cakey on your face. Use a concealer to hide dark spots and redness that may have popped up due to lack of sleep. If possible, go for a color corrector!

1. Perk up your lids!


The oldest trick in the book to cheat tiredness is to brighten your lids while lining with a white or flesh-colored pencil around your waterline, as well as the inner corners of your eyes, which will instantly perk up your eyes. Curl your lashes and coat them with mascara to really open up your peepers.

Do you have other favorite tips? Let us know!


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