5 Quick tips to book cheap flights



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I love to travel, and whenever I can, I love to travel cheaply. So, when I hear about an upcoming seat sale, I wait for it even if I have to stay all night so just I can book to my next destination. This isn’t always the most glamorous solution but it gets me to places without breaking the bank.

If you love to travel too, you probably understand that traveling isn’t a cheap hobby. Everything you do during that endeavor requires you to spend some cash. Airfare, accommodation, transportation, food, and activities all require money. Therefore, it is easy to go beyond the budget you set.

To avoid this, it is important to plan ahead. Moreover, it helps a lot to cut down on expenses whenever. Here, I listed down several tips to help you book cheap flights, which is usually one of the most expensive parts of travel. Read on.

5. Be flexible

Planning a trip can be tedious and you often end up getting tunnel-vision with just a single destination that you want to go to. However, sometimes the cheapest flights simply present themselves and you need to grab them immediately even if they weren’t your first option. There are many last minute deals to various destinations all over the world and be in the know by signing up to services like Seeqr. To find cheap routes, Skyscanner helps a lot with this so take advantage of that.

4. Combine flights

Don’t hesitate to mix and match flights if they lead to the same destination at a cheaper cost. Sometimes, instead of choosing a direct flight, you can save more money but choosing connecting flights. Sometimes, the city you are in might not be the cheapest way out to your destination so try to find a better city and combine flights. A pro tip for this is to go to cities where you have friends so you can hang with them first before flying out. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

3. Book your own flights

You can be your own travel agent and cut down your travel costs by booking your own flights. Although this may require more effort, it is usually cheaper and it allows you to have the flexibility to choose your own flights from all the options that you have. This also helps you improve your research skills in finding the best flights for the price that you are willing to pay.

2. Find out when is the cheapest day to fly

Skyscanner has a feature that allows you to find out when is the cheapest day within the month to fly to the destination that you like. Take advantage of this feature and with a little flexibility in your schedule, you can save thousands of cash to visit that next destination on your travel bucket list.

1. Book in incognito mode

When booking a flight, it makes sense to search for the same flight over and over again for several days. When you do this on your computer, you’d notice that the price may become higher from the previous days. The reason for this is that airline websites usually use cookies to remember you. Hence, if it recognizes that you have been looking for the same flight for some time now, it is likely that it will jack up the price. Even if there is no tangible proof for this yet, many seasoned travelers swear by this. Hence, to avoid cookies from remembering you, search flights and book them in incognito mode.

Any other tips you can share to book cheap flights?