5 Philippine Sea Spectacles You Need To See

The beaches of Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Batangas are default go-tos for beach getaways. Easily accessible and not devoid of the comforts of the city, their shores have become favorites of many. But with the Philippines’ numerous islands, there are certainly a lot of lesser known beaches whose treasures await to be discovered. From glorious sunsets to rustic views that invite reflection and memories, here are five Philippine sea spectacles you need to see.


5 Philippine Sea Spectacles You Need To See 


5. Old Silay Seaport, Silay City, Negros Occidental


A hidden gem in the heritage city of Silay, the Old Silay Seaport usually doesn’t make the typical tourist’s itinerary. There’s a big chance you’ll miss as it is hidden by houses of local residents. To get a glimpse of the concrete structures that are now the remains of Negros Occidental’s first operational seaport, you have to ask locals to grant you access into their homes.

Standing on the thin bamboo stilt-like formations add a little thrill as you enjoy the view, which gives off a unique rugged charm. The row of T-shaped ruins which stand in the water is a geometric wonder that makes for interesting photographs, and the small fishing boats surrounding the waters add to the place’s rustic flavor.


4. Pangil Beach, Currimao, Ilocos Norte


If you want to see the pristine allure of the North’s beaches, then head on to Pangil Beach. A slight detour from the National Highway brings you straight to this wonder that features numerous coral formations. This is pure as pure can get, and a visit at noon, when the sea is in low tide, will allow you to walk towards the middle of the beach and marvel at the vast expanse of the sea. There’s also a section of coral formations you can climb for picture-perfect snaps that showcase the sparkling sea as the bright sun hits its waters.


3. Bantayan Island, Cebu


This haven, which is a five-hour bus ride and a one-hour ferry ride from Cebu City, is worth the journey. While beach resorts have laid claim to the areas by the sea, Bantayan Island still retains its countryside charm. Biking around is a must-do that will give you a peek into the residents’ simple life while you enjoy the fresh, cool breeze under the shade of trees.

The fine stretch of sand by the seashore is perfect for late afternoon strolls while you wait for the sunset. On overcast days though, Bantayan Island presents a lovely surprise: an extraordinary (non) sunset that looks straight out of a painting. An enchanting mix of blue and grey envelopes the sky and water, and the two mirror each other for a surreal visual experience. Throw in a chance of low tide and you’d feel like you can walk on water.


 2. Nacpan-Calitang Beach, El Nido, Palawan


El Nido may be famous for its lush, exquisite islands and lagoons, but there’s a section in this paradise that boasts of back-to-back beauties that are true visceral pleasures. Unlike other areas in the world-famous tour spot, the Nacpan-Calitang Beach does not have as much crowd, giving you more time to savor the sights and serenity of El Nido.

The shoreline is adorned by coconut trees while fine sand fill the ground beneath your feet. The beach is already a delight, but climbing up the hill on the farther end of the island gives you a mind-blowing view of the entire area. Sunrises are best welcomed in this spot, and are sure to give you a feeling of peace and calm every time.


 5. Bugtong Sandbar, Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur


This is the nearest to heaven you can get, as you stand on a large chunk of fine white sand that emerges from the turquoise blue waters of  Caramoan. No amount of time spent here can diminish the awe-inspiring feeling from the vastness of the clear blue waters. Truly a sight to behold, two small nipa huts provide refuge from the blazing sun and make for perfect spots to enjoy some food and drinks. If the word majestic can be translated to a place, Bugtong Sandbar is it.

Go on an adventure.

Next time you take on that much-awaited beach trip, try venturing on less typical spots to find yourself in surprising, breathtaking adventures. Who knows, you might just discover a new sea spectacle that will make your journey even more memorable.