5 Pets in the Philippines Who Have More Instagram Followers Than Us

If you haven’t noticed yet, Instagram is no longer just for hoomans. It has also been invaded by really cute four-legged creatures and we’re not complaining.

But did you know that there are pets in the Philippines that have tens of thousands of followers online?

Yup, way more than the average hooman’s followers. Even if we combine your followers with mine, we still wouldn’t make the cut. Well, unless you have more than 14,000. These pets also have their own OOTDs, hashtags and social gatherings with their fellow pals.

Here are five famous Instagram pets in the Philippines.

5. Hiro, 14,000+

Hiro is a happy maltese who loves dressing up and going to malls with his family. He even models for a dog bed brand in his spare time. He’s almost always seen with a smile on his face and his tongue out even if it’s not Tuesday.


4. Logan, 15,000+

Just turned two last October, Logan is known as the Philippines’ #travelingcorgi. His hobbies include swimming and making goofy faces. Logan also made it to WhenInManila.com’s list of pets in best Halloween costume this year when he wore his DIY grumpy devil costume.


3. Judge, Judy & Justice, 18,000+

These three little playful pups love dressing up and giving treats to their fellow pets on Instagram. With over 2,625 posts to date, Judge, Judy and Justice are capturing the internet’s heart, one post at a time.

Happy October from the 6 of us! ???????????????????????????? … Mini me’s by @vonselfies

A photo posted by Judge????, Judy???? & Justice???? ???????? (@judgejudylim) on


2. Panther, 24,000+

Panther is a Manila-based professional cat meow-del. Aside from modeling for pet brands locally and internationally, she was recently in the cover of a pet magazine in the Philippines.


1. Churro and Toffee, 33,000+

Churro and Toffee are Chow Chow brothers from QC. Despite being Instagram stars, they still love spending time by playing, visiting the park and bonding with their fur mom.

???????????? #BearsofManila #SertaPets #Entry #adventuresofChurroandToffee ????

A photo posted by Churro & Toffee (@churroandtoffee) on


These pets are just some of the proofs that the internet surely can’t get enough of adorable fur balls, both online and in person.

Do you know more famous pets on Instagram? Tell us in the comments.