5 People You Meet at All-You-Can-Eat Promos 

Article by Camille Dominique Javier (@camilledominiquejavier)

Let’s admit it, we can’t get enough of free stuff and promos. A restaurant we’d normally just walk by can suddenly turn into something we’d wait in line for hours if they’ve got an all-you-can-eat promo of something we love to eat. All-you-can-eat promos have a way of bringing out our competitive side, especially when it comes to choosing the best way to make sulit the promo. Family, friends, co-workers, and even you, yourself, have a distinct way of getting the most out of these all-you-can-eat promos. Which all-you-can-eat eater are you?

5 People You Meet at All-You-Can-Eat Promos

5.  The Chopsticks Master

superbowl 12

The Chopsticks Masters will choose chopsticks as their weapon of choice whenever possible. These guys have respect for the culture and the cuisine, even if it means slowing down their pace at an Asian all-you-can eat promo. There’s so much respect, though, for people who have mastered the art of eating all they can really fast with chopsticks, especially when eating rice.

4. The Westernized

superbowl 05

We’ve gotten so used to eating with spoons and works that using other utensils seems almost secondary. Westernized eaters will stick to spoon and forks as their weapon of choice to take on all-you-can eat meals, even if it’s at an Asian cuisine-themed restaurant where using chopsticks is expected. Do you consider yourself Westernized?

superbowl 11

3. The Nitpicker

superbowl 04

The Nitpicker is a low-key perfectionist who knows exactly what they want out of the meal. But getting the perfect meal often comes with the hassle of painstakingly picking out the “undesirables” in their meal instead of enjoying it to the fullest.

If they don’t like pickles, they have to dissect it out of a burger. If they’re allergic to seafood, they pick out the shrimp. Being a Nitpicker can eat up your time and possibly even kill the hunger and appetite in-between bites, but at least the effort pays off if you get to enjoy your meal without worrying about biting into something you don’t like. Are you a Nitpicker?

2.  The Patay-Gutom

superbowl 02

Just like The Finisher, the Patay-Gutom is an invaluable member of the make-sulit-the-promo team. Though unlike The Finisher, the Patay-Gutom eats as if they haven’t been fed in years.

These guys are suckers for eating contests and all-you-can-eat promos, whether it’s food they like or not, because they’ll take anything that’ll fill the seemingly endless void that is their stomachs. The Patay-Gutom takes the table by storm, usually leaving food crumbs, rice grains, and used tissue in its wake. Do you know a Patay-Gutom eater?

superbowl 15

1. The Finisher

superbowl 03

The Finisher has got their eyes on the prize—to literally eat all you can possibly fit into their stomach in order to make the most out of the unlimited servings. The Finisher will clean up the plate, even to the very last grain of rice. You’re surely never at a loss if you’ve got The Finisher on your eating team! Are you a Finisher?

superbowl 8

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