5 New Ways to Wear Your Staples at Your Next Rave Party

There’s a big rave party happening where you want to look trendy AF while still looking effortless. You’re on the verge of burning your cash on a new outfit just for this event, but is it really necessary? Let’s face it: we all want new, on-trend outfits for every occasion, but shopping for new clothes all the time is not the most practical habit. Copping the ‘it’ pieces of every season eventually adds up to a hefty bill.

Thankfully, there are ways to spruce up your look for your next party without spending a dime. All you need to do is browse through your closet and try new ways of styling your staples to come up with fresh outfits! Read on for our top picks and ideas on where and how to rock them.

5 New Ways to Wear Your Staples at Your Next Rave Party

5. Maillot + Cut-offs

Who says you can only wear your swimsuit at the beach or by the pool? Maximize this summery piece by pairing it with different bottoms and cover-ups. Try wearing your favorite one-piece as a top, pair it with cut-offs, and slip on a pair of sneakers to keep things casual, young and comfortable. Wear this to music festivals, outdoor events, or casual clubs.

Maillot and Cut-Offs

Chelsea Robato wearing the all white Skechers Go Step

4. Go Monochrome

Check your closet. You’ve probably got tons of black tops, similar colored jeans, and a black pair of lace-ups, but you might not have thought of wearing them all together. Well, now’s the time! Going for a monochrome look or wearing separates in similar shades screams of both simplicity and sophistication at the same time. It doesn’t have to be black, either; you can try an all-white or all-blue outfit—whatever you have on hand, whatever floats your boat. This understated default look will keep you looking laidback and effortless at any concert.


Kyle Vergara wearing Skechers Originals

3. Amped Up Jeans + Tee Combo

You know what they say in fashion about balancing separates in every outfit: pair a loose top with skimming bottoms and wear solid pieces with a printed item and vice versa. Balance a cropped top with jeans to keep a skin-baring look tasteful.

Jeans and Tee

Sachzna Laparan wearing Skechers GO Flex Walk

For guys, try a striped top with jeans to keep things fun and fresh. Oh, and throw on your fave snapback while you’re at it. This combination spells rave party-appropriate minus the holes in your pocket.

Jeans and Tee 2

Christian Busby wearing Skechers Relaxed Fit

2. Creative Accessories

There’s nothing better than reinventing your favorite accessories. For one, colorful scarves don’t always have to be wrapped around your neck. Wear one as a headwrap or headband to instantly channel Coachella vibes. You can also use it as a makeshift belt for a loose dress or tie it around your bag handles.


Chelsea Robato wearing Skechers Go Walk 3

The gents, on the other hand, can use their button downs as cover ups for casual ensembles. Give your bright plaid piece new life by leaving it open and using it as a layer piece for your default laidback tank and jeans look.

Accessories 2

Kyle Vergara wearing Skechers Originals

1. Leather + Crop Top + Sneakers Combo

Bring out the leather jacket that’s just collecting dust in the closet and whip out a fresh look by using it as a cover-up for your crop top and denim shorts combo. Opt to top off the look with a pair of your trusty sneakers. The contrast makes for an unexpected yet stylish look fit for the streets and an EDM-fueled party. Plus: more reasons to wear your sneakers outside the gym! What’s not to love?

Leather Crop Top Sneakers

Szachna Laparan wearing Skechers Sport

These are just a few ideas to help you make the most out of your existing wardrobe. Don’t forget to seal your look with comfy and stylish shoes that are made to keep you comfy and at ease while you party and dance all night long. Look for footwear like Skechers that is fitted with Memory Foam or Gogamat that guarantee excellent cushioning and bounce.

Remember: be creative, have fun, and choose comfort when planning your rave must-haves. The best part is, you get to save tons of cash while earning big on style!

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