5 Natural Foods That Help You Lose Weight

5. Honey

After dinner drink: Jasmine tea with honey.

Raw honey contains lots of amino acids that aid in speeding up metabolism. Take it straight from the jar, with about one to two teaspoonfuls or add it on a snack like yogurt!

4. Virgin coconut oil

Miranda Kerr’s best fitness secret is that she takes a spoonful of virgin coconut oil every morning. VCO helps suppress appetite, speeds up metabolism, and contains the good kind of fat.

3. Coconut water


Another win for the coconuts! Coco water has been the fitness food craze in the States and it’s easy to see why — it has crazy low calories, replenishes electrolytes faster, aids digestion and helps in weight loss. It’s no wonder then that coco water is the new famous workout drink!

2. Chili pepper

A chili pepper contains capsaicin, which helps the body’s core temperature heat up and achieve thermogenesis. Because of this, the body needs to cool and stabilize the temperature, which uses calories in the process.

1. Green tea

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Green Tea is one of the best fat burners around. Packed with catechins, Green Tea helps by inhibiting the enzyme in your body that suppresses norepinephrine – this is your body’s fat burning hormone, and the more of that circulating in your system the better.

Other natural fat burners to share? Let us know!


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