5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing

When buying cars, people tend to go for new vehicles instead of secondhand ones. Aside from the fact that it’s new, meaning every part will perform at their best, used cars are seen as second-rate vehicles that have been used and abused. This view is understandable, because you’re not sure how the previous owner handled the car, or if the used car salesman is just using his trademark charm to convince you to buy a potential wreck.

But contrary to popular belief, used cars can be great. Many of them are good as new, with owners that took great care of it before selling it. Like shopping at an ukay, it takes a lot of patience. But when you do find that one piece that suits your style, you know the effort was worth it. It’s the same with buying secondhand cars. There are a lot of good ones, you just have to find what’s perfect for you. It takes research, a little know-how, and the right used cars dealership. And of course, you need to let go of the idea that used cars are rip-offs. Here are 5 myths about used cars that people need to stop believing:

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing 6

Cheap cars are cheap for a reason. Make sure to ask

5. “A cheaper car is a steal!”

Many people who buy used cars tend to go for the cheapest car available. They always go for the model where they can save the most, thinking it’s sulit (worth it). This may not always be a good idea because it’s sold for a cheaper price for a reason. Always make sure to ask why a certain car is priced lower than other cars in the same range. Think of the things you want your car to do, and manage your budget around it. Sometimes, sulit means spending a little more than usual.

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing 2

When buying a sports car, also consider the repair and maintenance costs. Hint: it’s not cheap

4. “I can buy a used sports car because it’s cheaper, therefore I save money!”

It’s true that a used Ferrari costs cheaper than a brand new one, and it’s true that you save money… at first. But when you consider maintenance, expensive parts, fuel costs, and high insurance premiums, you might find yourself unable to keep up with the cost of having a sports car. So when buying a used car, always consider the maintenance costs on top of the purchase. Be realistic on what you can afford.

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing 3

You’re going to need more than tape to fix a car

3. “I can save more money by buying a beat up car and repairing it rather than buying a brand new car!”

Many Filipinos love a bargain, and the same applies to used cars. They go for the cheapest one, and think it’s still cheaper to have it repaired than buying a new car. But just as many people underestimate the cost of repairs, especially if the repair is something major. Of course, a used car dealership won’t sell you something irrepairable, but potential repair cost or upgrade is something you should factor in when buying a used car. When thoroughly researched, you can find a used car that will only need a few repairs. Now that’s a bargain.

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing

Generally, used cars dealerships know what they’re talking about, so it’s best to trust them (except for Mr. Wormwood from Matilda)

2. “It’s better to buy a secondhand car from a private user than from a car dealer!”

Sometimes it’s better to buy from a private user, because there are some who want to quickly sell their car without having to go through a middleman. But generally, it’s advisable to go with a secondhand car dealer because they have the expertise to judge the condition of a secondhand car. And besides, would they really sell a car that’s unmarketable? If you buy a terrible car, it will give them a bad reputation so they’ll make sure to be honest about the condition so buyers can manage their expectations.

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing 5

 Please note the sarcasm

1. “I know cars. I can spot a good one at a used car dealership!”

You consider yourself a car aficionado. You take better care of your car than you do your girlfriend. You watched all six Fast and the Furious movies and you wept when you heard about Paul Walker. But that’s not enough to get you a good deal on a secondhand car. Appreciating cars and knowing how to do a seamless drift is one thing, but to know the mechanical workings of a car is another. As much as possible, it’s best to get an opinion’s expert, someone who knows car maintenance. Used cars dealerships are usually equipped with information on the cars they’re selling, so make sure to ask the right questions.

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5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing 7

5 Myths About Used Cars That People Need To Stop Believing

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