5 Must-Try Activities in Samar for the Brave and Adventurous

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng)

Samar. The country’s 4th largest island. The 2nd island in the Philippines with the largest forest reserve. And the Caving Capital of the Philippines. This home of the ‘Warays’ surprises tourists here and abroad because of what it has to offer. You’ll be amazed to know that if you love action, real adventure, and exploration, Samar is actually a perfect destination.

Check out these activities that will test the brave and adventurous in you!

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5. Chase Lulugayan Falls

Breathe the beauty in

Don’t forget to pack your water-proof camera because it’s impossible not to take a photo of this beauty. Lulugayan Falls is a 50-meter wide roaring waterfall located at Calbiga that seems to resemble Niagara Falls, with this being the “mini” version. This majestic beauty is one of Samar’s best-kept natural treasures that you should definitely include in your itinerary. To prolong your excitement, you’ll need to trek for about 25-30 minutes to get there. It is definitely worth it!

WIM TIP: The best way to immerse yourself in this adventure trip is to ride ‘habal-habal’ (motorbike) on your way to the falls’ jump-off. Don’t worry, the people of Samar are currently improving the roads to it so you don’t have to endure the rough ride anymore!

4. Explore the wonders of Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge

One of the amazing formations inside the cave

Basey of Samar doesn’t go behind. Here you’ll find Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge where you’ll discover the wonderful formations inside its caves. Make sure to bring your imagination with you as their friendly and excellent tour guides lead you to three amazing chambers filled with several rock formations. Not only that, their tour guides impressively talk about all you need to know about the caves. You’ll surely take home a lot of knowledge!

You can’t get this anywhere else!

WIM TIP: Don’t forget to try out the minty and refreshing Taragon Tea when you get there!

3. Go river kayaking along the Golden River

Visiting Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge will not be complete without river kayaking! Ride on their colorful kayaks through the Golden River (you have to go there to learn why it is called the Golden River!) and arrive at a large chamber where you can swim and have fun with your company. Enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of the place while listening to your tour guide’s interesting stories.

WIM TRIVIA: Our guide told us that a part of the river (Panhulugan River) used to serve as an ambush area during the wars years ago against our colonizers. Getting here also means having to see an important place in our history!

2. Take the TORPEDO Boat Ride Challenge

It’s as if riding a normal boat, but with an extreme twist!

Don’t think too long, just jump!

If you can’t get enough of water adventures, race your way through the rapids of Samar’s longest river, Ulot River in Paranas. You’ll tilt left and right as the ‘Torpedo’, the boats’ names because of their shape and structure, will maneuver its way to the jump-off where you can try another extreme and heart-pounding dare—jumping into the rapids! Prepare to get wet and have loads of thrill!

WIM TRIVIA: Some of the members of TORPEDO were actually former illegal loggers now turned to boatmen or guides! Tourism here in Samar sure is very helpful to their locals, changing and bettering their lives.

1. Dare to finish the Lobo Cave Adventure

You’ll hike for about an hour before reaching the cave. But with this view, we don’t mind!

The entrance of Lobo Cave

You’ll have to go through this small hole leading to a majestic waterfall down below.
Heart-pounding because of the 10-feet descent, but truly worth it!

Among all the activities we tried, this one tested the brave in me. The Lobo Cave Adventure is not for the faint-hearted but perfect for those who are ultimate travel junkies. This is because this activity is all-in-one–you’ll hike for an hour or less, enter and visit the cave’s wonders, swim inside the cave (you’ll need to swim to get to some parts inside) and even get through what seems to be like a rabbit hole, leading to an amazing waterfall formation inside the cave.

You’ll know you finished the course when you reach this refreshing river.

WIM TIP: Make sure to wear a comfortable and durable set of clothes that can get wet, plus a reliable footwear. Don’t forget to put your valuable things in a dry bag!

The easiest way to get to Samar is via plane to Daniel Z. Romualdez Aiport in Tacloban, Leyte and an hour drive. For more information on how to get around the province, check out the Facebook page at the end of this article.

List all of these down on your bucket list, gather all your strength and bravery and you’ll surely have an adventure you won’t forget! Also, don’t forget to put their official hashtag, #SparkSamar so they know you’re there!

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