5 More Beautiful Shots of the Philippine Sky at Night

We recently shared 5 beautiful shots of the Philippine sky at night, but it seems that – like us – people simply can’t get enough of the night’s beauty. As such, we decided to share more reader submissions of their stunning photos and once again, a lot of people delivered. Here are some of our favourites:

5 More Beautiful Shots of the Philippine Sky at Night

Kenneth Fontarum took this from the Ugo Campsite:

Nath Lopez took this from Burias Island, Masbate:

Dann Ramos took this during his solo trip to Kwebang Lampas:

Dann shares that this was taken on a cloudy but lit night and says that a tripod really helps a lot!

RE Vargas took this photo in Fortune Island:

This was taken earlier this year with an ISO of 1600, 20-second exposure and an 18mm lens

Erick Tungpalan shares his shot of the Milky Way last May at Botolan, Zambales:

Erick shares that he shot the photo in Manual mode with an ISO of 2000 and a 25-second shutter speed.

Have you ever witnessed anything similar?

Send your photos over, too! 🙂