5 Memory-Boosting Hacks Students Should Know

What Homeschooling Has Taught Me About Myself and Life

1. Gummy bears while studying works. Seen those kids putting gummy bears on their text books? Those motivational incentives actually work!

2. Spray an unfamiliar scent while studying, then spray it again before the exam. It’ll help with memory recall! 

3. When studying for an exam, sleep on it for a bit. When memorising a particular tidbit, it helps to take a nap and then study again. Memory retention is higher!

4. Listening to classical music helps with retaining information in your memory better.

5. When studying, avoid easy-to-read fonts like Arial, which help you skim over information. More intricate fonts help information to be retained more.

Got any more student-friendly tips to add? Let us know!

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