5 Long-Lasting Things I Plan on Buying During PSBank’s 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora

Did you hear? PSBank Debit and Prepaid MasterCard cardholders will be enjoying huge discounts at Zalora this weekend. To mark Philippine Savings Bank’s (PSBank) 55th anniversary, PSBank and Zalora will treat all of its PSBank Debit and Prepaid MasterCard cardholders to an exclusive flash sale good for 55 hours only! How awesome is that?

All you have to do is use your PSBank Debit and Prepaid MasterCard from September 25 (11am) to September 27 (6pm) to avail of an extra 10% off on items already with discounts of at least 55% during the 55-hour shopping spree in Zalora here: https://zlrph.com/psbankturns55

PSBank’s 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora

Then, click on the Have a promo code? Enter it here link and use the code: PSBANK55 to avail of the additional 10% discount on your total bill.

This means that you can enjoy a minimum of 65% discounts on your purchases. Time to get your shop on!

Here are 5 things I plan on buying during the sale:


5 Long-Lasting Things I Plan on Buying During PSBank’s 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora


5. Chronosport Watch

PSBank 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora chronosport watch

Everybody needs a watch – and who wouldn’t want to get one at 69% off? That’s right. This Chronosport watch is already at 59% off and with the extra 10% PSBank discount during this sale, I can get it at 69% off for a total of Php7,128 (from Php19,500, its original price).


4. Mango Man Bag

PSBank 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora Mango Man bag

Everybody needs a bag, too – but I always prefer to choose one that can suit both men and women just so other people at home and in my friends’ circle can use it sometimes, as well. Fortunately, Mango Man bags are very versatile and thanks to the one pictured above being 60% off on Zalora, plus an extra 10% off from PSBank, though, I can now get it for only Php2,142.


3. Por Santo Genuine Leather Shoes

PSBank 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora Por Santo leather shoes

My dad loves leather shoes, but I never get to buy him any because he likes his leather shoes made of genuine leather, which is usually, well, expensive. Now, I can finally pamper him with the kind of shoes he deserves what with Por Santo offering theirs at 72% off with this sale. I can already see my dad’s huge smile when he gets this pair.


2. Melodies By MJB Sunglasses

PSBank 55-Hour Flash Sale on Zalora Melodie by MJB sunglasses

I can’t be the only one who needs sunglasses to wear on every trip. Being sick of cheap sunglasses constantly breaking on me when I need them the most, though, I told myself I need to get a high quality one the next time I get the chance to buy one on sale. Well, my dream has now come true – and I’ll be getting a pair at 78% off. Huhuhu. Hallelujah! I feel like crying. Seriously.


1. Rebecca Minkoff Heels

PSBank 55-Hour Flash Sale Zalora Rebecca Minkoff heels

People always tell me not to shell out money for expensive shoes and I always find myself staring at beautiful ones and trying them on and worrying about the money that I will be spending on them. Well, I believe now is the perfect time to splurge, especially since this gorgeous pair will be at 80% off from Php18,807 to Php5,077. Still pricey for a pair of shoes, I know; but I probably won’t buy heels again for the next few years, so do forgive me. This opportunity doesn’t come around very often.


The items on this article might still be a bit pricey if you look at them, but the way I see it: this is one of the rare chances I will get to buy these items at such great bargains. I suggest you do the same. 🙂 Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on yourself, you can stock up on Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones as soon as now while you can get them at these lower prices.

For more information, visit: www.psbank.com.ph and click on the Best Deals Tab.

Watch out for more exciting promos from PSBank!