5 Items That Will Make Your ‘Katol’ Look Elegant

Since it will be raining a whole lot more for the rest of the year, it essentially means that pesky mosquitoes will be out and about yet again. With that, it’s always best to prevent getting any kind of sickness from those mosquitoes. So, it’s time to bring out those anti-mosquito lamps or even your trusty old mosquito coil (or katol).

Don’t worry, even if you think that the classic katol doesn’t match your home’s aesthetic, these items from Shopee have got you covered.

Here are some items that will make your katol look more elegant than it really is:

leaf katol 1

Photo from Shopee

This leaf-designed mosquito coil holder features a sophisticated design that makes it look like a normal home decor piece instead of something that keeps your katol off the table. It definitely helps hide your mosquito coil in plain sight.

Buy this leaf-inspired mosquito coil holder here!

katol case 2

Photo from Shopee

If you want something that will truly hide your mosquito coil but will keep it effective, you can get this retro-designed katol case. It looks like a tiny lunch box with special holes on top. It even has a handle to make it easier to transfer it from room to room.

Buy this retro mosquito coil case here!

minimalist katol

Photo from Shopee

Aiming for a minimalist vibe in your home? This Nordic-inspired mosquito coil holder will match that aesthetic perfectly. Featuring just a metal triangle design, it’s absolutely simplistic yet elegant.

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turtle katol

Photo from Shopee

Looking for something with a more unique and quirky design? This turtle-inspired katol holder is a great option! The design is a perfect combination of cute, quirky, and elegant. It also features a stylish lid to keep hands safe.

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bird cage katol

Photo from Shopee

This bird cage-inspired mosquito coil holder has already been trending all over social media—and with good reason! It’s so stylish and elegant, and it looks awesome in any space even on its own.

You can even hang it somewhere that keeps your katol out of reach of little kids.

Buy this bird cage-inspired mosquito coil holder here!

With these elegant mosquito coil holders, you’re sure to keep those dangerous mosquitoes away and keep your home stylish. Remember, prevention of serious sicknesses is much better than cure.

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