5 Important things to do the night before your big trip

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As an experienced jetsetter, you probably know how crazy the night before the big trip can be. Even after packing and double-checking everything, you lie awake in bed after thinking about what you might have forgotten. You may even find it difficult to sleep due to all the excitement. It greatly helps if you already have a pre-travel ritual that you can do every night of a big trip. If not, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

5. Charge and backup your devices

If you’ll be up in the air for a long time or you’ll be on the road for many hours, you should make sure that your devices have enough juice to power them up. You should also bring your extra power banks with you so you can charge your devices even when you can’t find a wall socket. It is also important to back up your devices because nothing is more painful than losing a phone or tablet with all of your photos there.

4. Download maps

You’ll never know when your internet connection might get cut off so it is important that you have a local copy of maps on your devices. If you want to go more old-school, print out the maps. Since you’ll be exploring a new city, having your own map can really help you not get lost or when you need to ask for directions from the locals.

3. Review your itinerary

Being spontaneous during a big trip is okay but just to be safe, review your itinerary. Know the places you can go in case of an accident or an emergency. Plan your routes so you can efficiently explore the new city that you are in.

2. Review the contents of your luggage before you finally lock it

Before locking your luggage, triple check your luggage. Make sure that everything you need is packed. If there are special accessories that you should bring, make sure that you’ve packed them. If you have medications, make sure that the ones you brought are not yet expired. Go through your stuff again to make sure you didn’t forget anything important.

1. Have enough cash

Even if you have a credit card, nothing beats cash. When traveling, you might not be familiar if the place accepts credit card. So, it is still best to have enough cash on hand for an emergency. Moreover, in case you get lost, usually you can only use cash in transportation or to make a phone call to seek help.

Anything to add to these travel tips? Share your thoughts with us.

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