5 Hilarious Things Only People Living in a Compound Will Understand

You are so close to each other, you’re basically handing them your plate and ask for their ulam. Or

Funny moments living at a compound

So close, your neighbor can throw a beer over to you.  (Source: Splash News Australia)

Renting an apartment is a staple alternative housing option to most Filipinos. We find it more affordable than any other real estate properties like condominiums, townhouses, and more.

Fundamentally, there are many kinds of “apartments” and the meaning varies depending on the location. In the US, when you say apartment, it’s a residential structured building with several individual apartments with a common entrance and hallway.

Ormonde Apartment Building

This is a sample of an apartment building in Portland.

While here in Pinas, we find apartments at a subdivision, village, and it is usually structured as “house for rent” and mostly located in a compound.

compound apartments

Source: homes.mitula.ph

That’s why I had a hard time explaining to my Fil-Am partner how we do it in the Pilipins! Although, it’s annoying to live close to each other as it’s too loud, especially with the nature of our work as creative entrepreneurs.

But, there are hilarious moments only living in a compound will understand. Wanna know what they are?

Here we go:

5. You are indirectly “in the loop” every time they are talking.


We don’t mean to eavesdrop but, dang, your voice is too loud, brah!

4. You already know what their ulam is (meal for the day or viand)

Smell of your neighbors food

Because the aroma of adobo is irresistible!

3. You are always invited to their special occasions.


And, if you can’t come, they will give your share of food when you get home. Sweet and thoughtful, right?

Luzviminda F1 Hotel

You know how we cook when there’s a special occasion? A LOT!!

2. Your kapitbahays (neighbors) already know the reason why you’re arguing.

Well, it’s not a secret that we argue once in a while. And, if we argue, I have a higher tone. And because of that, our neighbors already know the reason why we are arguing! LOL..  Remember, walls have ears.

1. When your alarm clock is your neighbor’s landline phone ringing!

It’s a luxury for me to take a nap. So if it gets interrupted, it irritates me. And, the usual culprit is my neighbor’s landline ringing! Y’all feel me?

living in a compound

Please don’t get me wrong. I could live in a compound all day, ‘er day. You know why? Because someone can look after my children when we need t o run errands real quick and/or look after the house when we’re out of town.

Living in a compound is a big help and most importantly, you feel secured because you got each other’s back!

Can you relate? Would you like to share your hilarious moment, too? Share them in the comment section below!