5 Heartwarming Christmas Adverts that Will Put You in the Mood for the Festive Season

If you happen to be one of our many readers living in the UK, then you will be well aware of an unwritten tradition that occurs in Britain every year as the festive season nears: household name brands trying to outdo each other with specially produced Christmas adverts. This year was no different and we have compiled the nicest and most heartwarming little masterpieces for you below.

5 Heartwarming Christmas Adverts that Will Put You in the Mood for the Festive Season


Heathrow Airport

The marketing people behind one of the world’s busiest airports obviously felt their aviation hub needed a bit of a softer image, and they certainly succeeded in reminding everyone what’s really important about Christmas with this clip:


Coming home is also the theme of the annual Christmas clip of supermarket chain Waitrose:

John Lewis

Famous department store chain John Lewis is sending a whole bunch of adorable animals into the race for cutest Christmas advert 2016, including the adorable Buster the Boxer:

Marks & Spencer

One brand trying to outdo all others in the creative department is also a familiar name for shoppers in Manila: Marks & Spencer, the famous British department and food store chain, has definitely landed an amazing advert with the help of Mrs Claus:


This last clip is not from the UK – in fact, it’s not even from this year – but it is simply too good as not to include it (especially as some of the other UK adverts from this year weren’t that great or worthy of being included in this list). German supermarket chain Edeka really surprised everyone with this incredibly thoughtful advert that had more than just a few viewers in tears. Switch on the English subtitles and get the tissue ready when you watch Coming Home:

Know of any other good Christmas adverts, videos or stories? Let us know in the comments!