5 Great Ways To Use White Pencil Liner For Makeup

Thinking of what to do with your white pencil liner? A white pencil eyeliner has more uses in your makeup arsenal than you think! Here are just some ways to make your makeup look on fleek.

5. Brighten your eyes. A classic trick is to use white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and brighter by applying it on your waterline and the inner corner of your eye. Even if you pulled an all-nighter the night before, no one would ever suspect!

4. Make your eyeshadow stand out. White eyeliner is great for using it as a base for your eyeshadow. Simply apply it over the lids, then put on your eyeshadow over it. See how the color pops!

3. Use it as a base for lipstick. Similarly, you can also use it on your lips. Fill in your lips with white eyeliner, then top it with a bold color!

2. Make your lips look fuller. Apply some eyeliner on your cupid’s bow (the curve on top of your upper lip), then blend it properly. It will automatically make your lips look more plump!

1. “Wing” it! Who says white eyeliner is only for makeup hacks? Wear it proudly as a winged eye.

Got any more tips on how to use white eyeliner? Share them with us!

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