5 Good Reasons Why You Should Arrive at the Airport Early


Missing a flight can be a total nightmare for travelers and that’s the last thing you want to experience on your well -deserved trip!

NAIA (3 of 4)

Whenever you go abroad or out Manila, always, always make it a point to leave the house/hotel early and be at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight as traffic in Manila can be so unpredictable! Sometimes, I even book a hotel near the airport and stay there the day before my flight just to be sure I won’t miss it.

Never ruin your travel plans by missing your flight as it really causes a lot of stress and more expenses. Check-in counters usually open 2 hours before boarding time, so always see to it to arrive early to avoid hassles. There’s totally no harm in arriving early!

Fact is, checking-in at NAIA early is never boring and has a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the many reason why you should opt to be at the airport early….

  1. You don’t have to be in a rush from all security checks, immigration and going to your departure gate.


  • By checking-in early, you’ll spare yourself from the stress of waiting on long queues during security and immigration checks. After finishing all standard airport procedures, you can then have the luxury of time to roam around and relax as we wait for the boarding gate to open.


we were able to chillax by the cafeteria and take more photos because we arrived early for our flight…

  1. You can request for your preferred seats.


  • One of the perks of arriving early is that you can request the crew at the check-in counter to assign you to your desired seat. Many travelers request for the window seat to have a clear ground view while others (like me) prefer to sit by the aisle so it’ll be more easy to stand and go to the toilet during flight.
  1. If you’re lucky enough, you can even be transferred to a much earlier flight at no additional cost.

Azalea Boracay When In Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya Day 3 (54 of 111)

since Frank arrived earlier than expected, we were able to do more fun activities!

  • This doesn’t happen very often, but there are some instances wherein you can be transferred to a much earlier flight if you’re really early. This happened to my travel buddy and fellow shutterbug Frank who was transferred to an earlier flight since the plane wasn’t full.
  1. Save more money by eating at the airport instead of spending on on-board meals. 


  • It’s actually very practical to eat at the airport before boarding since on-board meals are costly. Even the simplest sandwiches, snacks and drinks are sold at a much higher price while in flight. So if you wanna save, best to have a full tummy before boarding.
  1. You can enjoy quality shopping time at Duty Free


  • I always look forward to shopping at Duty Free and it’s one of my primary reasons why I always go to the airport early. If you want to buy original designer items for less, then Duty Free is still the best place to purchase. I was fortunate that my most recent flight was assigned to NAIA Terminal 1, so I got to enjoy and experience shopping at their newly renovated shops. I was impressed with its new look for our Duty Free now here in NAIA 1 resemble the ones I saw in Abu Dhabi and Rome. Naks! World class na! It’s really something to be proud of!


A look at the newly renovated Duty Free shops at NAIA Terminal 1

  • From travel essentials, perfumes, make-up, clothes, bags and many more, Duty Free never runs out of interesting top quality items for you to bring in your journey. Duty Free is proud to carry world class brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Chloe, Long Champ, & Lacoste to name a few.

Last Minute Buys

One cool thing I love about Duty Free is that they always have the items travelers (like me) usually forget. For professionals going on business trips who aim to “dress to impress” for their meeting or convention abroad, Duty Free is the best place for last minute buys because you won’t be able to get these designer items at low low prices in regular shops/malls anywhere!


I dunno why, but I often forget to bring my scarf whenever I travel… good thing I can easily buy another one at Duty Free. Same when you forget to bring your jacket, you can conveniently purchase at Duty Free before boarding, as it’s essential of course to wear a jacket to keep you warm especially during long haul flights. Need extra bags for your shopping spree abroad? They have Lacoste tote bags to keep you looking chic and stylish! Furthermore, if you need a bigger luggage for your trip, Duty Free is the perfect venue to buy top notch quality luggages!


You don’t  have to worry even if you purchase a lot before departure! Duty Free has this cool TRAVELITE program where frequent travelers can shop before departure, then conveniently claim the items upon return plus a 7% discount (on selected items)! With the Travelite Program, you won’t have to worry about bringing extra packages on your trip and no more excess baggage fees to pay! Phew!

The Joy of Duty Free Shopping! 

Nothing beats the joy of  shopping for branded items here at Duty Free! Aside from purchasing at a much lower cost, I’m 101% sure that the items I buy are LEGIT / AUTHENTIC! Here, I’m confident that I get the real thing ‘coz sometimes, even shopping malls aren’t reliable for you might end up buying class-A imitations only! Yikes!


Indulge and amaze yourself with the countless fashion finds from branded scents, designer bags, eyewear, watches, accessories, make-up and MORE!! Duty Free is also “Kikay Friendly” with its wide array of beauty items and cosmetics on sale! Here, you can also purchase special travel collection sets, so you get so much more with paying less!

Of course, never leave Duty Free without buying confections, snacks and liquors as they make great gifts for your friends if you’re visiting them. Brace yourself with the wide variety of imported chocolates and sweets from all over the world! Most of them even come in attractive gift bags with freebies included!


Either you munch on them during your journey (like what I do most of the time) or surprise your friends and family with these goodies when you visit them… really up to you! =)


If you plan to celebrate or hold a party when you arrive in your destination, Duty Free is the best place to buy wines, liquor and spirits!

I must confess that I got too carried away with my recent Duty Free shopping. hihihi Good thing I made sure I arrived at the airport early in order to enjoy this!

Aside from exploring places abroad, it’s also great to visit our breathtaking destinations here in the Philippines! Don’t forget to support the Department of Tourism’s (DOT)  Visit PH 2015 campaign! Click HERE to view this year’s calendar of events!


Shopping: It’s more fun in the Philippines especially when done at Duty Free

How about you? Do you also shop at Duty Free whenever at the airport?

Have you ever missed a flight before in NAIA?

Feel free to share your experiences at the comment box below.

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Arrive at the Airport Early

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