5 Funny but Powerful Tips to Move on from a Heartbreak through Travel!

At some point in our lives, we experience a heartbreak.

It can come early in our life, in high school when you find out your first *real* crush (as you call it) loves you, but “as a friend,” and then loves one of your barkadas. It feels like your world stopped and you can’t go on anymore – as if you can no longer find someone else to love.

Or it can come in your 20s when you’re just trying to figure the shiz out of life. You get your first job. You meet new friends. It’s all exciting. You find love, something you’d even call your “first love.” Then, you get assigned somewhere else or you find another job, a greener pasture. You find out that love is spending more time with your other officemate. You give it 10 more chances but in the end, you split up.

Or it can come much later, with someone who you call your best friend. That person has been with you through thick and thin. Feels develop naturally. You’re scared to take the risk because it may also mean losing a great friend if it doesn’t work out. You give it a try anyway because what the heck, right? Then, after so many years, you drift apart. You just fall out of love. Another heartbreak.

So, how do you move on from all of these?

I’m no expert in heartbreaks but I’ve had my fair share of it. So, with a dash of humor (which I believe is my forte), I came up with these punny yet sensible tips to move on from a heartbreak by literally moving — traveling.

Paano magmove-on tip #1: Mag-Macau pero wag magmakaawa.

Paano magmove-on tip #2: Wag maniwalang nagfall back in love siya agad ulit sa’yo kasi baka ‘fake Eiffel’ lang ‘yan.

Paano magmove-on tip #3: Piliin na ang pa-bibe or kahit ang pa-beer-beer, wag lang ang pabebe.

Paano magmove-on tip #4: Kahit small ka lang, big girl ka na. Dapat madistinguish mo na kung pa-fall lang ‘yan. Tulak mo ng walang tali.

Paano magmove-on tip #5: Be ‘The Peak’ in the world of kino-consider lang.

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On a more serious note, take that trip. Book that ticket. Explore places like Macau and Hong Kong, which can help mend your broken heart.

What else is there in Macau and Hong Kong?

Take the plunge at the Macau Tower, the highest bungee jump in the world. (Amazing deal for Macau Tower 360 Cafe Lunch Buffet & Entrance Ticket via KKDay)

You can binge on delicious egg tarts.

Glistening. Moist. Tasty. Seems legit. 🙂

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Well, you have Hong Kong Disneyland.

You can have some quiet time at Ngong Ping Village.

Looks like a good day para maglaba 🙂

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You can indulge in some of the cheapest Michelin-starred along the street restaurants.

Eat from the off-beaten track: Meat on the street! ??

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So, take that trip as your first step to moving on. Focus on yourself and make this trip all about you to forget that heartache. We all deserve something better. Choose to be happy! 🙂

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Share with us your moving on tips through travel! Let’s mend all broken hearts one booked flight at a time. 🙂