5 Fun Non-Traditional Workouts You Should Try If You Don’t Like the Gym

Article by: Arielle Choy

Ever since I started college, working out is something that I try to do regularly. Not only does exercising keep me fit and healthy, but it also helps improve my mood. However, even though I generally enjoy exercising, going to the gym is not really something that I particularly enjoy. I don’t why, but I just get really bored doing the regular exercise routines found in the gym. It makes me so unmotivated that I sometimes consider skipping exercising altogether.

With that said, for those of you who want to avoid the gym at all costs, but still enjoy getting some good exercise; here 5 fun non-traditional workouts for you.

5 Fun Non-Traditional Workouts You Should Try If You Don’t Like the Gym

5. Tap Dancing

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Not only does tap dancing look and sound really cool, it is actually a really good form of aerobic exercise. Dancing your way to a cool beat will not only improve your cardiovascular health; but it may also help you burn around 300 calories per hour. Plus, since the tapping moves can get pretty intense sometimes, you’re sure to wind up with some really nice legs.

4. Trampolining

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Jumping on trampolines isn’t just for kids. Aside from being really fun, it’s actually also really beneficial because it can get your heart pumping and help you lose weight. The best part about trampolining is that it is easier on the joints compared to other cardio activities like running.

3. Hula Hooping

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If you want to get abs or at least a flatter stomach, hula hooping is a good exercise you can try. A lot of sporting goods stores carry weighted hula hoops that can help you tone your body more effectively than the plastic toy ones you had as a kid. There are other ways to use hula hoops, too, aside from just around your belly. You can use it as weights, for example, or as a makeshift jump rope.

2. Mixed Martial Arts

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Not only is mixed martial arts or MMA a good full body workout, but it also good for self-defense. Doing sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai will really help you work up a good sweat and get your body toned in no time. Moreover, MMA can also be a great stress relief because sometimes all you need to feel better is to hit some things.

1. Wall Climbing

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Instead of lifting weights and doing pushups, rock climbing is a fun way to get those toned arms that you want. To lessen the danger of climbing real rocks, you can try indoor wall climbing instead. Aside from strengthening your body, wall climbing can also help improve your mental abilities by pushing you to make strategic choices.

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So there you have it: 5 workouts that prove workout out isn’t all about work. You can have fun while you get fit, as well.