5 Fun Things To Do Indoors on a Rainy Day

how to stay fashionably dry during rainy weather

The wet season is here, which means rain showers will be all around. While it’s usually not enough to stop us from going about our usual routine, in the event that you find yourself stuck at home due to a heavy storm, or simply home on a rainy weekend, we’ve put together some fun things you can do indoors when it rains — besides sleeping in, of course.

5. Practice a recipe.

Grilled Vegetables Burrito: A Tex-Mex Vegan Recipe

Now’s the best time to practice those recipe videos you’ve been watching online. Scour your pantry for ingredients and pull off a winning dish that beats going to a restaurant!

4. Finally finish reading that book.

Manila International Book Fair MIBF

Remember that book you’ve been putting off because you “were too busy”? There’s no better time than now to actually pick it up.

3. Pick up that hobby.

fidget spinner bass guitar

Same goes for long-ignored hobbies like playing the guitar or knitting that sweater — which would come in handy for the cold weather.

2. Do a movie or series marathon.

Riverdale 1

Couch potatoes would love this idea best — whether it’s watching all six Star Wars films or re-watching the whole ten seasons of Friends, nothing says marathon better than being curled up in your blanket.

1. Skype or Facetime an inuman session.

WATCH-a-Couple-gets-a Surprise-skype-session-with-team-cap-when-in-manila-1

The internet is a wonderful way to connect with people — why not get creative and do a group video call with your friends? The party doesn’t have to stop, after all.

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