5 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Barkada at Oishi Snacktacular 2017

After my experience at the Oishi Snacktacular event this year, there was nothing I looked forward to more than this year’s event. As July was coming to an end, I lost hope that there would be another chance to go… and then, just when I least expected it, the announcement for Oishi Snacktacular 2017 came.

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So, today, I went to Festival Mall in Muntinlupa with a group of eager WIMmers and once again faced the joy that always comes with Oishi Snacktacular. The fun-filled event will only be held this weekend (until July 30), though, so make sure you go plan things with your family and friends NOW to make sure that you don’t miss out on all of the fun.


At the entrance of the event, you will be given an Oishi Pass to Wow where you will log your achievements for the day! 😀

5 Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Barkada at Oishi Snacktacular 2017

5. Make Your Own Snacks.


Make your tummy happy by customizing your very own Oishi snacks at the Make Your Own Snack booth. Choose two bases from Fishda, Spicy Oishi Prawn Crackers, Ridges Onion and Garlic, Panchos Nacho Cheese, and Bread Pan Cheese and Onion; and then choose two dips from sweet chili, mayonnaise, cheese, chocolate, and honey mustard.

Oishi Snacktacular-7

4. Make Your Own O-Twirl

Oishi Snacktacular-27

Of course, you need dessert to go with your snacks. At the O-Twirl booth, you can get your ice cream fix by choosing between Choco Chug ice cream or Tea Matchi ice cream (or get a mix of both!) and then choose two different toppings for it from Pillows, Gourmet Pops, Wafu, and Sponge Crunch.

Oishi Snacktacular-28

Sweet tooth satisfied!

3. Pack a Ton of Snacks to Take Home from the Snack Shack.


At the Snack Shack, you’ll be given a huge Oishi pack with a design of your choice (pick your favorite Oishi chips, of course!) and then you have 60 seconds to fill it up with as many Oishi goodies as you can!


Top tip: start with your absolute favorites because if you pack it up too much, they’ll remove the chips at the top.


Basically, don’t do this. :p

2. Catch Some Balls While Wearing a Chicken Suit.


This is one of my favorite activities at Oishi Snacktacular. For this, you will need to wear an adorable chicken suit and try to catch as many balls in the suit as you can. They have added more fun into this by allowing two people to play at once, so you can play with a friend and get your competitiveness on, or even play with a stranger and make a new friend in the process! 😀

1. Become a Human Claw Machine at the Oishi Snack Catcher.


The belle of the ball every year is the Oishi Snack Catcher, where you will be strapped up and turned into a human claw machine to get as many goodies as you can out of a giant pool of Oishi snacks. Make sure you use all of your limbs for this to make the most out of the experience!


The high score when I left was 82 bags of chips! How many can you get?
Oishi Snacktacular-14

Activities and fun aside, you might also run into celebrities like Alex Gonzaga, Maine Mendoza, Daniel Padilla, and Kathryn Bernardo!

Oishi Snacktacular-15

Alex clearly takes the activities very seriously. :p

Make sure you head over as soon as you can because Oishi Snacktacular 2017 is only ongoing until this Sunday! Tag us in your posts having fun! We’d love to see them – especially if you rocked the Snack Catcher!

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